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What Will I Learn?

  • Speak 300 basic 300 sentences that cover greetings, date and time, feelings differentiation, etc. 11 topics.
  • Know the big picture of Chinese language
  • Know the Pinyin (Pronunciation System, borrowed from Western language)
  • Know the basic method how the Chinese characters were created
  • Know the basic Grammar ( need no grammar in certain senses)


  • Zero background
  • Know how to read English


Understand the only language without alphabets

Know Chinese language structure, why there are many callings.Know the basic grammars (Chinese language is straight forward, you can see there are minimum rules of grammar or NO grammar in Certain Senses)Know basic rules of how the Characters are createdKnow basic 7 rules of how the Characters are writtenSpeak out 300 sentences covering 10 topics, your survival guidance in China.600 most important vocabularies, which you can expand into 600 sentences!20 most common sentence pattern.Know the right path for your further study, better with us, of courseKnow the Pinyin (Pronunciation System, Spell Sound literally)

It is the prefect start point for ZERO beginners.

The following updates added into Version 2016-Your time to Speak and Listening Practice-Update the English translation to possibly the best-Using Flash to illustrate the writing of the most common Characters-More details in explanation, the video length almost doubled.-More vocabularies (1000 )

At the end of my course, students will be able to…Start with a verb. Include details on specific skills students will learn and where students can apply them.-At the end of this course, you’ll be able to talk confidently 300 basic 300 sentences, which cover greetings, date and time, feelings differentiation, etc. 11 topics.Know the big picture of Chinese languageYou will know Chinses is such an easy and amazing language!-Boost up your confience and take action to start: Just do it with David!Know the Pinyin (Pronunciation System, borrowed from Western language)Know the basic method how the Chinese characters were createdKnow the basic Grammar ( need no Grammar in certain senses)

C’est une super vidéo !SuperEleonorah 28 May 2016

You are really the best and better than school….jim parsit 24 May 2016

I simply love the way you teach, so far you are the best. I have been teaching myself the Chinese out of my passion for it, but your lessons drove all the points home, thank you so much for your amazing job!Alvera Zikama 24 May 2016

David, I went through hundreds of UTube learning Chinese, you are the best because of simple, clear style. What I like most is that you put English at Chinese word by word without considered of English sentences. I can develop a new sentence by putting these words together, just like put each puzzle into one picture.jim parsit 10 May 2016

great job sir most important wards you shared i was searching them at last foundMuzahir Hussain 01 May 2016


Hello Mr David Yao, thank you for this video. Very good and clear!Sophia Tang 01 April 2016

Once you understand the structure, it no longer seems insurmountable! Just lots of vocabulary words to be learned. I really like you presentation.RC S 01 April 2016

This is really useful materials for igcse students :)!Bedroom Learn Chinese, 01 May 2016

Wow! You are a talented and passionate teacher. Thank you for your noble heart to share this many hours of excellent planning of this wonderful lesson.Stephen Goh 12 October 2015

This man’s video is absolutely brilliant and even though he doesn’t always get the, lets say perhaps the correct word, he still makes himself very clear and one can easily interpret what he means.For example at the start when it says “What’s the callings for Chinese or Mandarine” and one things to oneself “hmmm, callings now what does he mean. Ah, the name.What are [not is] the names [many names] for Chinese or Mandarin” of which I’ve learnt many. There are so many rubbish teaching resources on Youtube but this video is one of the very few that are any good or worthwhile bookmarking to use as a major resource for learning Madarin [because there are some very useful Youtube vids also]. He’s very to the point just what the learning doctor ordered. I’m going to search the rest of his series as this is one of 76 so 75 to go hopefully they can be found via Youtube or may be one has to subscribe to his website. Love Chinese and am so going to conquer it.11kwright August 18,2015

This is very good. Thank you for your guidance on how to speak perfect mandarin.Mervyn Hem Lee August 15, 2015I love your lessons. Xie xiegenevieve o’sullivan August 10, 2015

This tutorial is great! 😀 Thank you!!Kampy187 August 09, 2015

“ This tutorial is great! 😀 Thank you!!?on Basic Chinese ABC – The Basic Greeting View moreSep 4, 2015Michael Murphy

“ The most useful Chinese lessons I’ve ever seen. Great job David!?on Basic Chinese ABC – The Basic Greeting View moreOct 6, 2015

Speak Mandarin Chinese in 10 Hours V2016

Basic Conversational 300 Chinese Sentences

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