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by learn a language journalist

To learn Spanish with Instagram accounts is one of the easiest ways to increase your contact with Spanish outside of the classrom while putting in 0 effort. These accounts will be sure to spice up your Insta feed and provide some relief from the bombardment of selfies and #foodporn. Some are based in Spain and others based in Latin America, which is great for keeping you connected with the different varieties of Spanish all over the world. They all vary in style and content, so it’s up to you to choose which ones work for you – although we follow them all! Without further ado, here’s the Entrelenguas Insta hot-take:

Erica’s Instagram is basically every Spanish teacher’s dream social media page. It focuses on peninsular Spanish and is full of good graphics and useful language with a clear emphasis on context. What’s more, the posts are often interactive which definitely helps in the retention of the content. One unique feature of the page which is absolutely brilliant is that it often introduces words in pairs – either two synonyms, or words which are often confused, or even single words which have two meanings, thereby helping your brain to build the interconnected linguistic network it needs!


To learn Spanish with Instagram and Estefy is symple! Get ready for the rioplatense ride of your life! Estefania is an argentine based in Spain, and the informative and interactive videos which make up the majority of her Instagram account are excellent supplements to whatever you’ve learned in class. The clips tend to tackle little doubts which students of Spanish often have, which Estefy never fails to explain in a way which is fun and effective in her beautiful argentine accent!

Jorge is a Spanish teacher from Madrid and his Instagram puts the emphasis on grammar. His posts often comprise set phrases which he deconstructs in the caption (vocab, prepositions, verbs, everything!) so as to explain how the different components function. It’s clear that thought has gone into every post and the result is a page which truly aims to educate – and succeeds.

Maria’s instagram is colourful and fun. She’s Colombian, and her international outlook comes through in her Instagram. She posts a lot of popular Spanish sayings, which is really interesting from both a linguistic and cultural point of view! In addition, her account to learn Spanish with Instagram contains a link to her website, the Spanish version of which has a brilliant blog.

This is just such a fun page and if you don’t follow then you can’t sit with us. It focuses specifically on Mexican Spanish and uses funny gifs to illustrate the phrases is teaches. What’s more, the phrases themselves reflect the fun, fresh way language is used by the millenial generation in particular. Erika responds to comments as well, so any questions you have about the content will never go unanswered!

I could spend hours on this page – and that’s even more time than I would spend on my #mcm.

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