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We deliver Chinese language courses in Kunming for a number of reasons. 1) We take care of our students and we love to spread our love of China and the Chinese language. 2) We think Kunming is the best place to learn Chinese in China.

The Weather

The weather in Kunming is a very important factor for people thinking of studying Chinese in China. Compared to many Chinese cities Kunming scores higher in year-round good weather and lack of pollution. Kunming is known as one of the cleanest cities in China, anyone who has been to polluted cities knows the effects. Stress, bad health, difficulty breathing are a few of the negatives of learning Chinese in an area of high pollution. The weather in Kunming is another draw for international students looking for Chinese language courses. An example of how good the weather is, we took a trip to Jiaozi Mountain during mid December and below you can see the pictures. The weather in Kunming stays between 0–30 degrees celsius.

The Cost of living

The cost of living is another reason people chose to learn Chinese in Kunming . It is easy to live in Kunming for 300 Euro/USD per month. Our Chinese language courses start as low as 4,000rmb ( 500USD) per semester. Compared to the cost of education in Europe or America this is very good value. In fact many of our students cannot believe how cheap it is. A typical dinner can cost 2USD.

International Community

Something that our students are often worried about when coming across the world to learn Chinese in Kunming is the support structure available. Leaving your family and friends can be very stressful. Thankfully we have a friendly and welcoming international community. Our international coordinator Lori will help you get settled in with an apartment, bank card etc.

Huayang Academy Kunming

Our school, Huayang Academy Kunming is a leading Chinese language school in China. We have bring students from all over the world to learn Chinese in Kunming. Our school is based in a state of the art building with all amenities you need to learn Chinese comfortably. We also offer the opportunity to study in different towns in Dali and Lijiang. Please check out the links below.

No.1 Chinese Language School in Kunming – Huayang Academy

No.1 Chinese Language School in Lijiang – Huayang Academy

No.1 Chinese Language School in Dali – Huayang Academy

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