Soccer Coach Calls Police on Parents for Allegedly Yelling ‘Speak English, This Is America’ at Players

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Parents attending a boys junior varsity soccer game in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, were warned by referees after making crude racial comments to Hispanic players on the Trenton Central High School soccer team.

The parents at the game on October 15 reportedly shouted things like, “Speak English” and “This is America!” during a game between Trenton High School and Hopewell Valley High School, reported on Wednesday.

The racist comments became too much, and the Trenton coach alerted the referees to call the police, according to A police officer from the Hopewell Township Police Department arrived on the field, and the referees told the parents to stop, according to the publication.

Police Chief Lance Maloney and Hopewell Valley Superintendent Thomas Smith told they were told by a Hopewell parent the racial comments made by the parents might have caused a Trenton soccer player to say a Spanish curse word to a referee, but the referees did not hear any comments from players or other parents.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12 A soccer coach in New Jersey called the police on parents from Hopewell Central High School who allegedly yelled racial remarks at Hispanic soccer players during a game in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, on October 15. Screenshot/Google Maps

Smith and Hopewell Valley High school’s principal went to Trenton, New Jersey, following the incident and spoke with athletic officials and the rest of the school district, reported.

“This does not reflect our community,” Smith reportedly told the school officials.

Smith told the publication he also reminded the parents whose children attend Hopewell Valley High School that cursing and using foul language at high school sports games is against district rules. He said the district is still conducting an internal investigation and has identified the two parents who made the comments, according to

No charges have been filed against the parents, but Maloney said authorities are working with the district on the incident. Newsweek reached out to the Township Police Department for comment on the incident but did not hear back in time for publication.

A similar incident occurred earlier this month after a teacher from Houston was fired following her racist rant at a Spanish couple. A video obtained by the Houston Chronicle shows Tiffany Scott, 27, was involved in a fender bender with the Hispanic couple and was yelling racial slurs at them.

Scott can be heard telling the Hispanic couple they “swam here with the rest of your family” and complained about being a teacher who had to “teach their dumb asses.” A spokesperson from KIPP Texas Public Schools previously confirmed to Newsweek that Scott was terminated because the comments she made did not align with the school’s values.

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