Top 20 tips for speak English fluently – How to speak English fluently

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Top 20 tips to learn English fast for students – how to speaking English fluently:

? This is the same question that always be in the mind of student who want to learn English. I am a English teacher. I saw many student who are able to learn English grammar but they are not able to speak English fluently. If you have the same problem, then keep reading this article. Here we are going to discuss top 20 tips that will help you to . These tips are also useful for that student who wants to learn English fast at home.  English is not easy. It does not mean that you sit in the class room and study difficult topics of grammar. However, English teachers always encourage you to do extra work when you are outside from school. Teacher encourage you to keep practicing not only inside class room but also outside from class room. There is end number of ways by using which you can make easy for you to understand English language and many of ways are very interesting to learn.

It is a very well-known fact that people learn English by different methods. Some of those sit in the class room and study literature books which are not enough. You should also do some additional work to improve your English language. You should also be realistic towards your English learning thought. If you will not take it seriously then it will go far away from your mind. So you should take it seriously and try to build your confidence towards it.

Before going to start English lessons, you should have some knowledge about English language such as what are ‘verbs’, ‘nouns’, ‘pronouns’, ‘degrees of comparison’, ‘homonyms’, ‘synonyms’, ‘adjectives’, ‘tenses’ and so on. So you should have some these kind of knowledge in English before going to start learning. To take this knowledge, you can take help from grammar books or from online sites. Youtube is a huge collection of knowledge as well as entertainment. You can watch videos on youtube to learn English and learn the basics of English. You should don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You should be confident because teacher or someone else can only correct your mistakes if you make them. You should surround yourself in a English environment where you can learn very well and the best way to learn is through speaking and listening.

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How to speak English fluently in 30 days – top 20 tips for student for leaning English at home

  1. You should watch television and shows in English language – How to speak English fluently in 30 days :

Many countries have launched many English tv shows including USA and Britain. You can also learn English by simply watching them. But still if you have some problems to understand those English in tv shows. You can simply on the subtitles menu. Subtitles will help you to understand English more clearly rather than hearing it you will be able to see those English lines. This will make you easy to understand as it will make you read and listen at the same time. You can also learn English by listening it on radio channels if you do not have television. Radio channels have many channels which communicate in English and the RJ of that channel speaks in English or if you have a mobile phone or a computer you can also listen English on the internet. You can download some apps like Yupp TV, etc. to watch live televison on internet. It is absolutely free and can help you if you are outside from home and free from any kind of work.  Another idea is this that you can also use subtitles in your own country’s movies and television shows. Because it will help you as it will translate your country’s language into English Language.

2.You should read English books and newspapers – How to speak English fluently in 30 days :

Reading books and magazines can help you a lot to level up your English communicating language as well as understanding easy. You can pick out dictionary and keep it in your pocket always so that if you have some break, then you can find some difficult and new words from the dictionary and go to its meaning. It will strengthen up your vocabulary. If you are a beginner to learn English then you should read child’s book rather than adult’s book. Because language of child’s book is easy than adult’s one. You can also buy a newspaper daily. Pick out new words from that very newspaper. If you have some doubts or questions you can ask it to your teacher or you can find answer on the internet. As newspapers is not much very expensive. They are like a single page. So you can easily buy them to make your English communication easy. It will not only help you to learn English. It will also help you to know that what is going on around you and your area or about your nation. It can also help you to know what is trending now on globe. If you still cannot buy newspapers. Then you can take out old newspapers and magazines which can be found without any cost also. This will make your basic clear.

3.You should Label things in your house –  top 20 tips for student for learning English at home:

This is the best way to level up your vocabulary at home by labeling things in your house that what is placed on which place. For it what you have to do is, buy some labels and write the names of things in your house on the labels i.e. mobile phone, computer, television, freezer, tables, etc. Then this will help you to remember those words because when you will go to use that thing then you can watch the label and remember that word in your mind. This is a best idea or best way for new learners as well as intermediate learners.

4.You should make notes or make presentation of new vocabulary – best tips for  speak English fluently:

You should make notes and points of new vocabulary that you learn every day. Practice those words whenever you have some free time or some extra time. You can also make notes on your phone and learn from phone. Such that you need not to carry notebook everywhere. You can also learn English from some phone apps. Many of English teaching apps can be found on internet or on Google Play store. You can download some of those apps and try to learn from those applications to make your English more comfortable with others. And you can also try to make notes in your own English language to check your English grammar as well as English language.

  1. 5.Surround yourself with English speakers and listen English Songs :

If you spend your major time outside of your class room then you should carry mobile phone with you if you are outside your home too. If you stay at home, then you should listen English songs by using your Computer’s Boofers because they have louder volume than mobile phones speaker. This will increase your English listening power and you will be able to understand English more easily. Now you will be able to understand English also in English movies which were difficult for you, earlier. If you have a mobile phone then get connected to social sites such as facebook, whatsapp, twitter, gmail, yahoo mail, and so on. This will also help you to communicate in English. If you will connect to social sites then you can communicate and chat with your friends in English language and learn new words for you. If you still have some problems then you can ask your friends on these social sites. This will also make you understand that how you can use these sites if you have some emergencies. So it will help you a lot for your English learning.

6.Figure out your best time to learn – leann to speak English fluently in 30 days :

You should know that when should you practice to learn English. Either in the evening or afternoon. If you will find the best time for you which will suit you then it will help you a lot. You should know that how better you can do at that fixed time than at other hours. So if you are able to fix a best time for you to learn English than it can help you a lot and it will also increase your concentrating power for learning English. So you should figure out or find out a best time to learn English. It will help you to understand and English more accurately.

  1. Listen to American Music or any English Song – How to speak English fluently in 30 days:

This is the best way for you to learn English in a great and fun way to improve your English communicating, speaking and also listening skills. There is end number of English tracks and songs available free on the internet. Almost all of them are available with subtitles and lyrics also. There are many websites for English songs such as you can find many of the English and American tracks on YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, etc. So if you want to make your English more comfortable. You can listen them at your free time and try to understand those languages. It will strengthen your listening power. It will help you to listen English words more accurately.  You can watch Hollywood movies also. These movies are in English and are available with subtitles for you on internet.

For example: – Jurassic Park, Journey to the Mysterious Island, Titanic, Transformers, Mr. Peabody, the Lorax etc. Most of the cartoon movies are also available in English languages with subtitles for children. It will help children to make their English better.

8.Language Swap -speak English fluently tips in 30 days:

You can find a person or a friend in your English classroom or in your neighborhood who also wants to learn English like you and you can exchange information about English from his/her who also wants to learn English. If you will do this then it will make you more comfortable and increase your English vocabulary and also English Language. You can also try to communicate with your partner in English to increase your English speaking and reduce your hesitation during speaking English.

9.Practice English whenever you have free time- How to speak English fluently tips:

forspeak english fluenly,  You should practice English during your free time or whenever you can. If you will try to give time to English at least 2 hours in the whole day or more than 2 hours. Then it can make you more comfortable with English. You can go to library and read your notes and read and write in English. When you are at bed time, try to memorize your notes and repeat your whole English lecture in your mind before going asleep. When you wake up in the morning, you can try to learn new words. This is the first thing you should do after waking up. Then you should make sure that you never stop learning until you become perfect in English.

10.Record yourself and your lessons in video- best English fluently tips for students:

You should try to record a video of you when you take English lessons. So that you can watch that video if required and revise your whole English lessons. This will save your money as you can revise your lessons from your video not by going to English lessons class again and again. If you think that you have forgot something then you can recapture it from the video. Also, your teacher would not like it, so you can take his/her permission to record video lessons in your Smartphone. This will help you at most. If you are travelling somewhere or if you are going to sleep than you can watch this video before going to sleep and when you are travelling. If you will memorize it regularly then it cannot go away from your mind. It will stick to your mind.

11.Get a Good Dictionary- How to speak English fluently in 30 days:

A dictionary is your best friend when you want to learn English. You can buy a dictionary from store and find new words for you that you don’t know the meaning. You can learn those new words and make your vocabulary of English better. Beware, because many of the dictionaries are misspelled or mistranslated. So you should do research and find the best dictionary for you to learn English. You can download dictionary apps from internet or play store on your mobile to learn from that. There are many online translators and dictionaries available on internet. As well as offline translators and dictionaries are available on internet. So you can download from internet to learn well.

12.You should learn English idioms and phrases- speak English fluently tips:

You should learn some English idioms and phrases and also know their meanings. It will make your personality better and also increase your knowledge about English. You can study grammar books also for finding some idioms and phrases in English. For example :- “This is not in my cup of tea”. It means that this is not able for me to do. So you can try to find these types of idioms and phrases. To enhance your English communicating and as well as learning power. This will increase your English idioms and phrases knowledge as well as your vocabulary power.

13.Write Something Every Day-

Writing is the best way to use or learn new vocabulary and concentrating your mind towards grammar also. Try to write something every day by using new words and the grammar that you’ve learned. It doesn’t matter that how much you are writing, but you should make a habit of this. So writing helps a lot to enhance your English writing skills and English grammar as well as vocabulary. By doing this, you can compare day by day English skills and you will find that you have enhanced your English skills. If you have some English speaking friends or teachers, then you can get help from them and you can ask them to look over your English skills and point out some mistakes.

14.Tell your teacher that what you want to learn:

If you are learning in a English school or you are going to take English classes, you might not always be learning what you want. It will be very difficult for your teacher to know that what exactly you want to learn. So you should tell your teacher that what exactly you want to learn. If you are thinking that your teacher is giving you writing work more than pronunciation then you can tell them to focus on your pronunciation skills.

15.You should remember your mistakes- How to speak English fluently in 30 days :

You should try to remember your mistakes and do not let them to happen again. You will do mistakes, it happens for everyone. But you should try to focus on them and do not let them to happen again. If you are corrected by any teacher, then you should learn your mistakes and try to understand that why you do that mistake. You should make a note of this and try to work and overcome on your mistakes.

16.Put your self in difficult situations- best tips for student:

Try to search some situations in which you can speak English, read and listen to those new words or new sentences which are not in your comfort, then you will be forced to use English language. This is one of the best ways to learn English because at that situation you will really focus on what you’re saying. You should try to order some food at restaurant and speak to the caller in English language. Speak to some tourist in English when you are in a tour. You can also try to chat someone in English on your phone. You can use whatsapp, facebook, imo, messenger, etc. to enhance your English writing and practice your English skills. Don’t get afraid of your mistakes at those difficult situations because getting something wrong is a great way to understand your mistakes in English.

17.Change the language on your social media or on your smart phone into English:

If you have changed your phone language or social media language by mistake then you should try to recover your English language on smartphone and try to set English as your default phone language. You can set English as default language on social sites such as facebook, instagram, etc. to communicate with your friends. If you will communicate with your friends in English on some social sites then it can help you a lot.

18.Be Realistic- How to speak English fluently in 30 days:

You should be realistic for yourself and self responsible for yourself to learn English. Your teacher will only help you to find your mistakes and to make you comfortable in English for 1-2 hours per day. But you should also be realistic. It ‘s your job to remember and correctly use what you have learnt. You cannot expect that you will learn English in a week. It will take some time. You should also practice English outside your English classes and use your brain as much as possible.

19.Conversation- best english speaking tips for students:

There is a ‘secret’ or you can say there is a ‘hack’ to learn new language and this hack is conversation. If you will converse with people or communicate with people in English language then it will help you a lot. An hour of conversation  is helpful as like 5 hours in a classroom and 10 hours with a English practice by yourself. There are some reasons for this. The first is motivation. The second reason is that language is something that needs to be analyzed and then processed. It cannot be memorized.

20.You should carry a pocket dictionary 

You should take a pocket dictionary for your vocabulary with you. Carrying pocket dictionary helps us to remind the words that you have learnt that day. If you forget the word then you can find out the word from the dictionary and remember it. If you have some problem to carrying pocket dictionary all the time with you then you can download dictionary apps from the internet and search the words from that dictionary app. This will help you a lot to enhance your English speaking, writing as well as communicating skills. Learning from dictionary helps us to recognize words and increase vocabulary power which helps a lot for beginners.

The first important thing, you should try to change your native language routine to English routine. You can try to find out new words from the dictionary and as well as you can learn new words from the dictionary to enhance your English skills. If you want to learn English more comfortably then you can try to search new words from the dictionary app because searching words in dictionary app is very easy than searching words from the pocket dictionary. It is very easy to find out words from the app because in dictionary app, you have to only type the word and hit enter and the word and the meaning appears in front of you. In case of pocket dictionary, you have to find out the word in the whole dictionary. So taking dictionary app is more effective than taking pocket dictionary. Whatever we watch on television, then you should try to convert it in English and you should also watch movies in English. You should try to speak wrong English such that you can feel the change between right language and wrong language.

Whenever you learn a new word, try to use the word in your day for example, you can use the word for chatting with your friends on social sites such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram, messenger, etc. So if you will use the new word again and again, then it will help you a lot. It will create a magic for you. It will increase your vocabulary power as well as English conversation and writing skills. You can find a way to learn English in a joyful way. If you got any idea to make learning easy and joyful then you will be more comfortable in learning English. So you can try out these things to make your English more comfortable.

Extra tips  – How to speak English fluently in 30 days:

You should meet someone every day who can speak English. You can talk him about investment and motivation towards English language skills. In a month, you’ll be fluent in English speaking and best part is this that if you make them mad or do something wrong with them, then you can claim that it was a translation mistake. This can be very joyful for you. If you can’t find someone who can put up with you in English, you can find your language mate online. There are end number of websites of foreigners who also want to learn English like you. You can find some one online who is perfect in English and try to communicate with him. Live Mocha is a great source for searching your buddy online. It is a official website and it is absolutely free of cost. So you will not have to pay for it and you can find your best buddy which suits you on internet and chat him/her by video call.

TV shows, movies, newspapers, magazines and books are a good supplement for learning English language. During your beginning, you’ll be able to speak a little but understand nothing. Then after some time you will be able to understand more than what you speak. After that, you will be able to speak and communicate with others, but to do it perfectly you will have to do some practice and do some mental effort and after this, you will be able to speak and understand without any conscious mental effort. You don’t have to translate words into your native language in your mind. You will just start understanding English language as like your native language. Once you are able to speak and listen without thinking, then you will feel your self like a foreigner. Once this happens, you will reach at high level of learning.

The final level of learning is that you communicate in English between a large group of native speakers. Once you reach this, no one can stop you from becoming a perfect English speaker. If you reach at this level then you should try to use complicated words to enhance your vocabulary and as well as skill power. If you will reach at this stage and finally you can speak in a large group of native speakers, then you will become a perfect English speaker and now you can also teach others to help them to learn English.

You should practice everyday and make your study plan time table. You should decide that how much time you should give to your English learning classes and stick with it. You should not hide it personally that you are learning English. You should tell your family and as well as your friends that you want to learn English and tell them your time table such that they can help you to maintain and enhance it. The English is made up of only 4 core skills and these are reading, writing, listening and speaking. You should practice these 4 things to make your English better and become perfect in it. You should also keep notebooks and take notes whatever you learnt on the whole day. Try to use these words in your sentences and at least say them 3 times whenever you speak. You can also visit EC’s free learning web site to learn English and complete lessons. You should visit this site at least for 1 hour per day and complete 1 lesson or more than 1 lesson if you can do. You should try to memorize words to maintain your vocabulary in your mind. If you prefer to study in after noon rather than morning then you can do it as well. You can plan to take a test of you. It will help you as you will find that you will work harder because you need to study at that time for something. You should create an atmosphere in which you want to learn. You should not study in that atmosphere in which you have to learn. This will help you a lot because it will make you learn more because you want to.

You should have knowledge of yourself that what works best for you. You should think about that what methods have been successful for you in the past and try to recognize those methods and stick with them. You should know that how you learn. It can be memorizing, reading, speaking, summarising, or other methods. Search a best way that suits you. It can be in a quiet place by yourself or with a group. You can also get help if you does not understand something. You can ask your teacher, classmates as well as your friends for help. Make sure that you have reviewed or revised the lessons or the lecutures that you have taken in past. It is not good idea to study alone more than 30 minutes at a time. You should take care of yourself and take regular breaks, get some fresh air and stretch your body arms and legs. Do not hurry up to make your level up in English. Just concentrate on the level on which that you are right now. You should watch DVDs rather than watching on Television because it is better to watch something that you can watch over gain if you have missed any scene. Watching TV only gives you chance to hear completely and correctly. This is only better for high level students. If you are a beginner, then this will make you uncomfortable. You should read graded readers. It means that you should read books of your grade. Because these boo

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ks are only made for you and for your level. You should read a literature or novel.

You will feel great afterwards. Children’s books are low level and have easier words as well as this is a good alternative to graded readers. Newspapers and magazines are a good source to find passive constructs to enhance or build up your English skills. You should read an article and check that whether you can find passive sentences in the text or not. You should read for the general meanings at first. Don’t worry to learn and worry about understanding every word. Once you got general meaning, then look over the whole sentence and now try to understand it. Then this will give you meaning and now try to find out the meaning from the context. You should learn root words or synonyms for example :- scrib=write, min = small, max = large. Whenever you learn a new word, try to think its all or the other forms such as adjectives, nouns, and adverbs. You should use English whenever you can. Its as simple as that your native language. You cannot learn whole English from the book. You should also try to learn in your daily life. The most natural and easy way to learn English grammar is through talking. Just try to communicate in English with your friends or some one else. You should practice dictation. Just listen to a CD or to a friend and try to spell it correctly in the notebook whatever you hear. Just Enjoy it because we learn more when we are having fun.

If you really want to learn English language then you should follow some of the tips below. It will totally not help you but if you give some additional time to it. Then it’s sure that you will notice some improvement in your English language.

If you like this article about in 30 days, then share it with those student who want to learn English fastly, who want to speak English fluently. These article will help them. You can also share this amazing article about learning English fast on social networking network like facebook and google plus.

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