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As you already know Instagram is a social media platform known for sharing photos and short video clips.

Why is Instagram good for learning Spanish?

Visual: As it is a visual app it is a brilliant way to learn a language. Seeing an image related to the Spanish word is a great way to make it stick out in your mind and you will find that you will memorise words more easily this way and also retain them in your long term memory.

• It is also good for documenting your own language learning. You can post a photo of whatever you have just learnt the Spanish word for. You can even post a picture and create a caption related to the picture so you’re learning whole phrases not just isolated words.

Accountability: It is a good way to hold yourself accountable. If all of your followers are seeing how much you are progressing, you will be motivated to keep going, whereas if you just keep your learning plan to yourself it will be more difficult to stay motivated.

• Instagram is up-to-date and constantly being posted to, so you learn the most current words and phrases.

How to use Instagram

You download the Instagram app to your phone and post photos or videos directly. Or you can create the photos and videos elsewhere, email them to yourself and download to your phone and post that way. You can also take photos and videos from the Instagram app itself.

Cool features of Instagram

– You can add filters to your photos.

Share with other platforms such as Twitter and facebook.

Translation feature: translates comments for you, which is a great help when you are learning Spanish.

These help you find content and accounts on a particular topic that you want to know about, as well as other people who are learning Spanish.

Type in a word in the search box and immediately you will see a list of relevant content below along with other related hashtags.

Search Spanish words to find people who post in Spanish.

Hashtagify – helps you find related hashtags.

Videos on Instagram

– You can upload 60 second videos by recording yourself on your phone and posting it to Instagram.

– This is great for practising your speaking and getting feedback from people.

– If you find this too daunting, make your account private so you can choose who sees your posts and videos.

– You can ask people to correct you if you are not sure you have pronounced something correctly or used the right words. So you might write in the description, “Have I said this right? All feedback welcome!”

– Add hashtags to attract the people you want to help you, to see it.

– It is good to compare your progress over time, as you can look back at your earlier videos and see just how far you have come.

Apps to add text to your photos

– Phonto (Android and Apple) – This features a filter, selection of fonts and styling options.

– Little Moments (Apple) – lets you add text and graphics on top of filters.

– Frame Magic (Apple) – lets you put multiple images together in one photo. There are options to add text and stickers.

– SnapSeed (Aplpe and Anroid) – is a photo editing app to touch up photos.

Good instagram accounts to follow:

– daily.spanish.word

– Spanishlyspeaking

– spanish.toons – learn Spanish expressions through cartoons and video clips

– – you learn Spanish with funny images, videos and captions

– vivalanguages

To find out more about how to use social media to learn Spanish, you can sign up to our online course “Study Spanish Solo” which features a whole section on this.

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