How to Learn English Language & Aim for Call Center Jobs?

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A job in a call center is a dream for many of us. However, the basic requirement for cashing a call center job opportunity is fluency in English speaking.

You’ll not get hired as a call center agent until you get command on the English language. Many modern languages institutes help you learn the English language in Pakistan. They make sure that students learn the English language so that you get a job, eventually. Some of these names include EVS, Peak Solutions, IPS Uni, and Edge College.

How Will You Know that You Need to Learn the English Language?

English is the native language in call centers all around the globe.

If you’re not confident while speaking fluent English language, you definitely need to register yourself in an English language course.

You can only get a job in a call center if you’re able to speak proper English besides understanding English.

English is not our mother tongue; therefore, we struggle to speak it with confidence. But, with learning institutes in operation, we have hope to improve and land an amazing job opportunity.

What Should You Do To Improve English Speaking Skills?

In this way, you can get the opportunity to ignite your passion for English learning under the supervision of experienced teachers. You’ll be able to speak English with fellow students and overcome shyness. Automatically, your confidence will boost, and you’ll be able to speak without any complex.

English Language and Its Connection to the Call Center Industry

Outsourcing is the word we use to refer to a call center. That’s right. Call centers mostly function under the tag of business process outsourcing and it is a lucrative industry, to say the least. Many individuals never had a chance to train as a student and had to practically learn everything on the job. That has to change, the sooner the better.

To offer hands-on education is real education. It is to achieve academic excellence by guiding those who are lost and setting their career path for good. When Pakistan needs it the most, institutes are ready to meet the modern demands requiring more than just theoretical skills. When it comes to the International call center industry, nothing beats a good American accent which pays your bills and builds your reputation as an agent.

Furnish Transferable Skills 

What do we mean by transferable skills? It is an idea associated with the execution of skills. As a graduate or diploma holder, we can’t expect to deliver results for a company. However, schools that furnish transferable skills from the teacher to the student turn normal students into selling commodities. In other words, they become productive and sought after candidates by leading companies.

Talk about English medium schools, they deliver speaking power, to some extent. However, the market needs people with a Native American accent – an accent which most schools clearly lack. I am not talking about the Lahore American School or Karachi Grammar School, but in a general sense. Most schools still follow the British ideology of spoken and written English. Hence, if you are aiming for top-level call centers such as IPS BPO, DGS or Mind bridge, you won’t be satisfied with the outcome.

Native American Accent Does the Trick

How to acquire a Native American Accent in the current situation?

A question that comes to mind right away!

Some institutes are preparing students to build such an accent that sells on the market. And, they are doing a decent job so far. It is an effort that gives these individuals enough confidence to speak to an American customer. The more you are able to speak in real-time, the better you get at it. Being communicative and able to listen to customers are two prized attributes of a call center agent.

Learn from the college that suits your temperament and develop a feeling for languages, especially. Because, unless you begin to think in a certain way, fluency is hard to achieve! 2 months of dynamic training transforms you into a person right for the job.

If you’re determined to work in a call center, you need to act upon the above-mentioned suggestions. English is indeed a skill that you need to learn as it helps in this line of work but don’t forget it builds your personality in many ways.

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