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Of the 100+ languages offered in Transparent Language Online, English is our most requested. For good reason!

Linguistic diversity is on the rise in the United States, bringing with it a number of opportunities, but also some challenges. According to the 2012 Census data, half of the foreign-born population self-reported that they speak English less than “very well” (including 19% who responded “not well” and 10% who claim not to speak English “at all”.)

During that same year, there were nearly 8 million English Language Learners (ELLs) enrolled in U.S. schools—nearly 10% of all students. That number is on the rise; the ELL population has grown 60% in the last decade. School districts that have not previously served ELLs in the past find themselves facing a rising ELL population. While most concentrated in urban areas and border states like California, Arizona, and Texas, suburban and rural communities around the country are increasingly facing the challenge of providing for ELL students and their parents.

Fortunately many public and private organizations are rising to meet this challenge. We work with educators, librarians, and parents to bring language-learning opportunities to their communities. As their communities become increasingly diverse, we’ve worked hard to provide a greater breadth and depth of English as a Second Language (ESL) materials on our platform. All of our ESL courses can be used independently through self-guided learning, in a school or library computer lab, or with an instructor.

ESL teachers, public libraries, and individuals who subscribe to Transparent Language Online can look forward to learning with the following:

Beginner Materials

Basic vocabulary in the English for Haitian Creole speakers Essentials course.

Mastering vocab in the English for Arabic speakers vocabulary lessons.

Intermediate Materials

A dialogue about finding an apartment in the Intermediate English course.

Comprehension questions about the US Elections in a fall 2016 English in Context lesson.

A grammar activity in the “Health and Physical Fitness” Unit in the Conversations in English course.

Advanced Materials

Picking up financial vocabulary in the English for Spanish speakers Business Lists.

Find a library near you that offers Transparent Language Online. None close by? Print this info card and bring it to your local librarians to let them know you’re interested, or sign up for the free trial!

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