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You don’t just think outside of the box.

You think like there is no box! 

You know that an iron can also be used to grill a sandwich. You can think of at least 30 uses for a copper hanger. You know how to get the cheapest flight while your friends end up with overpriced ones.

You’re hacking your way through life and you use the same mindset in everything you do, including learning English.

So you should definitely know about the unique English learning opportunities on Discord.

Discord is a chat platform for gamers. Maybe it’s totally new to you, or maybe you already spend all night on Discord while battling your way through “Fortnite.”

Either way, you can transform this platform into an addictive tool for English practice.

We know you have a million questions buzzing in your head, so read along to discover more!

What Does Discord Have to Do with English Learning?

If you know video games, you probably know Discord. It’s a free platform for gamers to chat over voice or text messages.

Gamers tend to love its polished look and easy set-up. But who says they’re the only ones who get to benefit from it?

Many people decide to learn English Discord-style, and as soon as you discover why, you’ll smash that “Join” button without thinking twice. Here are some of the great benefits that English learners can get from Discord:

With Discord, tons of people receive a notification as soon as you send a message, and since the platform is accessible anywhere (more on that below), it’s easy and fast for them to respond to you.

If you enjoy this type of authentic English learning, . FluentU provides real-world English videos—like movie trailers, music videos, inspiring talks and more—that’ve been transformed into language learning experiences.

Each video has built-in interactive subtitles, flashcards and exercises to teach you new words while you watch. The videos are organized by genre and learning level, so it’s easy to learn with content that interests you. And just like Discord, you can take FluentU anywhere with the mobile app for iOS or for Android.

How Navigate Discord Like the Pros

Discord could be tricky to newcomers, so here are a few instructions to get you started on the desktop version.

1. Messaging: When you open a Discord server, the center of the screen is where all the conversations are displayed. You can type your message in the small window at the bottom of the page and start chatting.

2. Members list: At your right is a column with all the members of the servers, with their status (online/offline), roles (moderator/member) and other info.

3. Channels: Think of the channels as chat rooms focused on different topics of conversation. You can find them in the column on the left with a hashtag (#) before their name.

4. Messages: Access your personal messages by clicking on the Discord icon at the top left, where you can read “Home.”

5. User settings: Your user settings have all the information about your profile: email, username, app settings…

Who Said Discord Is Only for Gamers? Explore 5 Discord Servers to Learn English

Type of server: English only

Best for: Beginner English learners who are also discovering Discord

First, head to the #Rules-and-info channel to learn about the do’s and don’ts of the server. After that, jump around the other channels to discover what they have to offer.

You can explore at your own pace and won’t be overwhelmed by this server, since it’s pretty straightforward. Our favorite channel is #One-line-story, where members collectively write a rather quirky (cute and odd) story by contributing one sentence each.

Type of server: Multilingual

Best for: Learners using the Duolingo app, although not necessarily

Carefully read the instructions in #Welcomes-and-rules. They provide a helpful Google Drive document explaining all the steps to take to use the server like a pro. Seriously, don’t skip a line in this document, it’s a life-saving resource.

Once you type “?rank English Chatroom” in the #Bot-town channel, an English-only channel will appear on the left. Join it and make friends as you chat with the other ESL learners and native speakers in this server.

Our favorite channel is the #Golden-Owl-Showcase, where you can share your progress in Duolingo with the other members.

Best for: All levels of English learners

Once again, the #Rules and #Info channels should be your first stops in this server. Once you familiarize yourself with the process, go to #Beginner-English to start chatting. You can also go to #Proofreading if you would like someone to correct your English or answer a grammar-related question.

The “English Learning,” “Learning Notifications,” and “Voice Channel” categories are the most promising channels.

Type of server: English only

Best for: English learners of all levels and native speakers

As soon as you log in, you’ll automatically be tagged in the #Welcome-channel. Identify your level by writing “.iam Level” followed by “A” if you’re a beginner, “B” if you’re intermediate and “C” if you’re advanced. The #English-chat is a good channel to start, as it has a particularly active community.

Best for: ESL learners of all levels

The fact that you’re fluent in another language will come in handy, especially if you’re open for a language exchange session.

When you open this server, you’ll find yourself tagged in various channels. First, go to #Welcome and read the message where you were tagged. If you enter “.iam learning English,” you’ll then have access to the private channel #English, where you can chat freely.

We also love that Linglot’s discussions go beyond learning English the traditional way. The Lounge category offers the chance to connect with like-minded people around creative topics like art and music.

What do you think of these Discord servers for learning English? What are your tips to learn English Discord-style? Don’t hesitate to chat about those and many other topics in one of the servers above!

If you liked this post, something tells me that you’ll love FluentU, the best way to learn English with real-world videos.

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