5 ways to Study English Free!

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People ask me every day, “How can I study English Free?”. I always laugh when I get asked this because usually those same people are paying me to teach them English! So, if I tell them how to study for free, won’t I loose students and money?! Possibly but I’m going to do it anyway!


Because I’m an educator. I want my student to learn and grow. My goal has always been to help people and I especially like helping others learn a new language and expand their worldview and opportunities. So, If I can help a student advance by sharing some free English materials, I will. Even if it hurts me a little (which I don’t think it will).

So, here we go…..your 5 ways to study English Free. I’ll start with a list and then talk about each in detail.

Study English for free using…

  1. Free websites
  2. Facebook
  3. Youtube
  4. Skype
  5. Podcasts

Free Websites

Believe it or not, there are a ton of free sites out there where you can study English for free! Here are a few I’ve recommended to my students.

The first is http://www.learn-english-online.org.This site has grammar lessons, vocabulary, games, and so much more. It is very thorough and explains things well for English students. It is a British site that also has a free Ezine containing tests and articles about the U.K.

http://www.talkenglish.com is another free English lesson website. I especially enjoy the conversation lessons on this one. It’s not the same as speaking to a live person but it gets you talking out loud and practicing pronunciation.

Lastly, has a diploma program that assists people in all stages of life with their English. I find this site is especially helpful for my professional or business students.


Facebook is an excellent social media site with chat, live video, groups, and much more. English language students can meet friends and chat in English for free. I believe the best way to do this is to join an English language group. There are several available but a few I like are

On any of these groups you can complete grammar and English exercises, meet new friends, and practice English. Facebook is a great way to study English free!


Video lessons are another great way to study English Free and Youtube has a lot of videos. These videos can be watched anywhere, anytime and are usually short interactive lessons. Some of my favorites are

Videos will help you improve your listening, grammar, and vocabulary. I highly recommend videos for students who don’t have a lot of time.


Skype is a free video chat service that has been around for a long time. I’ve used Skype since the early 2000’s and continue to use it today. English students should download the free app and start searching for friends. You can add friends from all over the world. Some of the friends you meet will want to talk over a video call or chat services.

I highly recommend Skype for those students who want to study English free with a face to face feel with the convenience of learning at your leisure.

And the Final way students can study English free…..


Listen on the go with these free English lessons

The above podcasts are great for listening and improving your vocabulary. I recommend speaking out loud with the lessons to maximize your learning while using podcasts.

Wrapping Up

So, as you can see there are several ways to learn and study English free. I don’t think the above are a replacement for having a native English speaking teacher, but they can certainly help. All the above are great learning tools and I’m sure you’ll find one that suits you.

P.S. This is not meant to be an extensive list! Share your favorite ways to study English free below.

Happy Learning,

Justin – Passport English

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