Top 10 Websites and Apps to Learn English Speaking Online Free

by learn a language journalist

Have you been studying English for years but still can’t speak fluently?

This is because you have been learning English wrong all these years.

If you want to know more about how to learn English speaking online free, read on.

English is a global language, which is spoken by many millions of people around the world both as a first language and as a second language.

Learning to speak English online is a great way to be fluent in English.

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By using the internet as a way to improve, one can practice any time of the day or night for as many minutes or hours as one has during this period.  One can practice anywhere – at home, during a lunch break at work, on one’s commute to work, sitting in the park and even when travelling.

The advantages of learning to speak English online is one chooses the time to practice and all one needs is an internet connection together with a laptop, ipad or tablet or mobile phone.

Disclaimer: All the websites will help you learn English speaking online free. The free content is mostly on the blog and resources sections as well as on videos published. However, do remember that these websites will offer paid English courses, books, audiobooks etc as well.

Here are our suggestions of websites to learn English speaking online free:

This is an website that helps you learn English free. They have a community of English learners that you can practice with.

Most parts of the website are free but they try to sell some English speaking lasses too.

The blog contains thousands of free English lessons covering topics like grammar, slang, idioms and conversation topics.


How to Learn English Speaking Online

Dulingo is a language learning app so they are not dedicated to English only.

This app enables anyone of any nationality to be able to learn another language on an ‘as and when’ basis.

If you want to learn English speaking online free, specially with video lessons that you can watch from anywhere, check it out!

This is a free American website to help teach adults to improve English online.

There are many extra activities to help one built confidence and improve learning to speak English.

This is a free website which offers both free and paying online courses to everyone.

However, they are just not an English language training school. The courses offered are for a variety of subjects like computing, finance and web design.


Learn English Speaking from Native Teachers

This is an apple app which can be downloaded onto an iPad to help improve learning English.

This is a cool, neat app that is interactive and fun to use.

Note: This is more suited for beginner level English students. For advanced English students, the lessons might not be useful.

This app is advertised to help learn English in only seven days and offers a free English language course for all.

They do advertise that you can speak English in a week. You have to take this claim with a grain of salt.

No English course will ever make anyone fluent in English in a week!

That said, this website has useful content on both grammar and vocabulary.

Let’s talk is an English language school based in Mumbai and is a new firm, which uses skype and helps teach English to those wanting to learn which in turn helps a number of large firms who would like English speaking staff.

If you want to learn English speaking online, stop by and explore the free sources they offer.

The British council runs English courses all over the world.  This organization has been helping many people of all ages to teach English for many years through these language centers.

The British council also offers business online training courses as well. However, all these courses are paid and will not offer free classes.

This online app helps improve English speaking in all areas starting with English speaking basics, to speaking English regularly, English for travelling, pronunciation, English for business and interview practice.

It is pretty cool app if you like language learning through your mobile device. You can move around while learning English free!

Still looking for free ways to Improve English speaking?

Remember, improving Spoken English is not like learning History or Biology. You can’t learn English speaking by learning theory.

Because memorizing all the grammar rules in English is not possible, even more native English speakers!

The best way to improve English is to learn by doing.

Want to Learn English Speaking Online Free?

Try an English Speaking Class

English is used around the world today in business, socially, films, theatres, and science together with politics.  By learning to speak English one can improve career choices and allow you to travel the world and work in other countries.

This in turn gives us the opportunities to learn different cultures and to meet people of all nationalities with the ability to be able to communicate with them well by being able to speak English.

There are so many advantages of learning English online and being able to use the internet to fit one’s learning around our daily lives and the use of these free websites is a great way to do so.

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