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Learn English idioms with different topics. Learn English with pictures.

Animals Idioms

Learn animals idioms in English.

  • As blind as a bat

Unable to see well

  • As gentle as a lamb

Being caring, calm

  • Straight from the horse’s mouth

Information that is obtained from the best possible authority on the matter.

  • As sly as a fox

The fox is considered to be a very cunning and deceptive animal and the phrase is derived from the same.

  • A copycat

the human tendency to duplicate.

  • Let the cat out of the bag

The phrase is used to ‘disclose a secret’.

  • Fight like cat and dog

The phrase originates from the long drawn enmity between cats and dogs as is used to suggest a confrontation between two people.

  • To kill two birds with one stone

To kill two birds with one stone denotes the accomplishment of two tasks with a single effort.

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Money Idioms

English idioms list related to money, Idioms About Money, idioms and meanings.

To foot the bill

  • To pay for something

Money talks

  • Rich people can get what they want

Be made of money

  • If you are made of money, you are rich man

Banner Year

  • A year marked by strong successes

Money to burn

  • Extra money to spend however one likes

To cut your losses

  • To stop doing something for avoiding losing money

To make a killing

  • To earn a lot of money

Asound as a dollar

  • Very secure and dependable


  • Selling something for cash only and with no delivery

Get a run for one’s money

  • to receive a challenge, to receive what one deserves

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Learn Sports Idioms in English.

Get the Ball Rolling

  • Do something to begin a process

Against The Run Of Play

  • Atypical of the way a game has been going

Ballpark figure

  • A rough estimate

Throw in the Towel

  • To give up, admit defeat

Take the Gloves off

  • Negotiate in a more aggressive way

Play ball

  • Cooperate, agree to participate

Hit the Ground Running

  • To begin a job or project with no learning period needed

Heavy Hitter

  • A powerful, influential person

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Colors Idioms

Learn Colors Idioms in English

Red tape

  • Official or bureaucratic tasks

To be yellow

  • To be cowardly

To see red

  • To be very angry

Black out

  • Faint

Black and blue

  • Describe something that is badly bruised

Golden opportunity

  • The perfect chance

Have the blues

  • Be sad or depressed

Black sheep

  • A person who is a disgrace to a family or group

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Idioms About Human Body

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