Learn English 184 Podcast Do You Speak English: What You Should Say

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Learn English 184 Podcast Do You Speak English: What You Should Say
Summary: Do You Speak English?
For many people learning to speak English is something they do to help them where they live. Maybe working in a hotel which has a lot of English-speaking guests. Maybe a taxidriver at an international airport who gets more customers by speaking English. Or maybe you work in a shop or provide a service in your country where you get a lot of English-speaking customers. No matter the reason you will get the question “Do you speak…English?” and if you’re here listening to this podcast you will say yes 🙂 But what happens next?
Today’s podcast looks at the scenarios you might encounter and some strategies on what you should do and what you should say when you get this question.
If you need to understand more about our teaching technique, then listen to this podcast which explains how to get the best out of our podcasts. We have lots more free podcast English lessons which focus on pronunciation you can download here.
The Adept English method of learning to speak English quickly is all about “Learning through Listening” so that you become very, very fluent in UNDERSTANDING English first of all. Sooner or later, when you’ve heard enough spoken English, you will be ready to speak it.
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If you want to find out more about this type of learning then try our other articles explaining why we know this works in much more detail “Spoken English” & “fluent English language” or maybe see some quick and easy English language learning tips. Its FREE so you have nothing to lose in trying. Have fun!
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