Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack launched, a perfect starter kit for learning how to read and write Chinese

MSL Master announces the launch of Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack, a perfect starter kit for non-Chinese speaking students to start learning how to read and write Chinese. Students will have access to textbooks, Chinese lessons, and audio recordings, all at once, learning not only individual Chinese characters, but also how to use these characters to read and write nice conversations and interesting stories. It is the latest addition to MSL Master’s products and services offered to learners of Chinese worldwide.

“This is exciting.” Says April Zhang, the owner of the company and also a long time Chinese teacher, “Learning how to read and write Chinese is definitely going beyond learning individual characters.” There are so many books and online lessons teaching only individual Chinese characters which students do not know how to use. Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack is going to change that completely. Indeed, there is so much students can do with as few as 70 characters. “Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack will surely be a confidence booster.” April says.

Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack includes one Chinese Learning Pen, one copy of Chinese Reading and Writing 1 (Enhanced Edition 2020), and one copy of Chinese Reading and Writing 2 (Enhanced Edition 2020).

Chinese Reading and Writing 1 & 2 are content rich and exercise rich textbooks. Starting from strokes and stroke orders, these two books teach 120 Chinese characters, 316 words and expressions, and 10 grammar points. The exercise sections include a total of 312 sentences, 25 conversations and 10 narratives. Moreover, 37 animated video lessons are available for these two books. Students can watch these lessons either on MSL Master’s website or scan the QR codes imbedded on the book pages.

Chinese Learning Pen is the perfect tool for studying Chinese Reading and Writing series. It is a digital tool to play any part of the texts at ease. It adds an interactive dimension, and will greatly enhance students’ learning outcomes. Moreover, teacher’s explanations on particular issues are also available on the touch of a Pen.

“Amid the current COVID pandemic, both teachers and students need more support and more innovative solutions.” April says, “Chinese Learning Pen Value Pack can be of great help to them.”

Pre-order is available on Sep 30, 2020. Don’t miss its introductory offer.

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