Learn English meaning of summer jobs – Summer Jobs

Brian:  Marni, have you ever had a summer job before?

Marni:  Of course I’ve had a summer job. I’ve had a multitude of summer jobs.

Brian:  Really? Did you find that to be stressful because you weren’t actually taking a vacation or taking a break?

Marni:  Sometimes you kind of wish I could be lazy and casual all summer. And just go with the flow. But ultimately, it’s nice to have that opportunity to make some money.

Brian:  One of my favorite summer jobs was actually, after taking a break from school, I’d go back and I was a painter for the school district. So I would still be at campus. But painting all of the doors, and the exteriors, and the classrooms. It was fun because I got to see my teachers and everyone who worked at the school in a totally different light.

Marni:  That would be kind of a neat situation. Seems like you probably gained some valuable experience. Bet you’re a pretty good painter now.

Brian:  Yeah. It totally helped me. And now I can paint walls seamlessly.

Marni:  I always think of seasonal work, too. Sometimes it’s nice when the Christmas season, or the holiday season, to pick up a little extra money there, too. And think of summer that way.

Brian:  As long as you don’t waste it. It’s a great way to save up money and have a savings account for later.

Marni:  It’s true. Yeah. Let’s go get some summer jobs.

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