Learn English meaning of community service – Community Service

Marni:  Gary, you know what I did over the weekend?

Gary:  What did you do?

Marni:  I volunteered with a local organization that goes around and plants trees in neighborhoods and parks.

Gary:  That’s really, really interesting because this past weekend I went back to a place where I planted a tree. And it was a year later, so…

Marni:  You got to see the benefit.

Marni:  That’s great.

Gary:  It was so wonderful just taking part in this larger involvement.

Marni:  I really love community service and I feel like it’s your responsibility every once in a while to give back.

Gary:  And it’s so beneficial to not just you, but to everyone and the community.

Marni:  Absolutely.

Gary:  It’s so great to do. Personally speaking, I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to do some small thing.

Marni:  It’s whatever you’re interested in. It doesn’t have to be planting trees. It could be volunteering at a homeless shelter or an animal shelter. Or just even taking meals to seniors. But there are so many ways you can volunteer in your community. I think it’s your duty to look into it.

Gary:  I’m so happy that you did that this weekend.

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