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What does every French language student want?

Well, 8 out of 10 French learners will tell you that they want to sound more like native speakers.

They want to have rich vocabulary, speak fluently, use French slang, and have the same natural flow as the French people do.

There are many ways to achieve fluency, such as watching movies, speaking with native French speakers, reading books, listening to music, and many other resources.

But did you know that you can learn French with podcasts?

Podcasts are series of episodes that you can find online and download. 

They are usually free of charges and can be found on podcast apps, such as Castbox, RadioPublic, Pocket Casts etc.

Some may say they are similar to the radio, but podcasts are actually more organized into topics. 

They cover diverse subjects, from politics, marketing strategies, to life hacks and language acquisition.

Yes, language acquisition. You’ve heard it well.

With podcasts, you can bring foreign languages with you wherever you go.

If you think it’s not likely to learn French this way, you should stick around and try our top 3 choices below.

Note that it is always handy to have an experienced tutor by your side so that you can ask them when in doubt. If you still haven’t found a suitable teacher, look for them on Justlearn, where you’ll find plenty of professional native French tutors.

Here’s why you should learn French with podcasts

Recently, there has been an enormous popularization of not only podcasts per se, but language learning podcasts as well.

What’s the reason behind this?

Well, podcasts can come in handy when you are commuting for work, traveling, or cleaning your house.

What this means for you is that you get to learn French with daily podcasts and work on your skills regularly.

The biggest benefit of learning French with podcasts is that you get to listen to native speakers.

Podcasts are a great way to hear the everyday language used by real French speakers.

They are also good for keeping up with the French culture and language.

Without further due, here are three best podcasts to help you improve your French skills.

How to learn French with podcasts

Top 3 French podcasts to improve your fluency

One of the most practical podcasts is Coffee Break French.

The title says it all.

Their episodes don’t last for more than 15 minutes, which is enough to drink your morning coffee or have your afternoon coffee break.

Thanks to the amazing personality and expertise of the host and teacher Mark, you will be able to learn new French vocabulary, new slangs as well as hear some French grammar tips and tricks from a professional.

If you are searching for free French podcasts for beginners, stop right here and give Coffee Break French a try, you will not regret it.

It’s a great way to start learning French with podcasts.

Bonus tip: Why don’t you recommend this podcast to your French tutor as well, as it can be a great conversation starter for your next lesson.

Coffee Break French is a free language learning podcast developed by Radio Lingua Network, also known for their useful language courses.

You can listen to the first episode on YouTube and hear about many possible ways to say ‘How are you’ in French.

As per the title, this podcast is for French students who are also keen on keeping up with the world news.

The podcast is in French, only a bit slower, as the French people are famous for their fast way of speaking.

We would recommend this podcast to intermediate French learners; however, beginners, don’t get discouraged!

There is also a transcript that comes with each episode so that you can have the entire episode in written form and revert to it if you have any doubts.

Another great thing about this podcast is that apart from the popular news, you will have a chance to learn grammar and hear some common French expressions.

Your French tutor might be eager to share their thoughts on a certain idiom, so feel free to tell them about your new favorite podcast.

In case you need a new French tutor, Justlearn offers a wide range of native French speakers who can help you improve your pronunciation and learn more about French culture.

Last, but not least, our third choice of the day is French Pod 101.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already on a more advanced level; this podcast is for you.

It offers a lot of different topics so you will be able to find something interesting for yourself too.

The speakers are very professional, engaging, and, most importantly, French natives and fluent speakers.

They are a great motivational boost for your French learning journey, as one of them speaks perfect French but is an English native.

You will learn so much about the French culture, as the episodes usually offer a detailed look at everyday real life situations.

Not only that it is fun and interesting, French Pod 101 is very practical – the best insight into French language and culture. 

Podcasts for learning French are a great resource that the technology-based society brought to us.

We should use it to our benefit.

It is possible to have fun while learning languages.

And it is possible to do productive things that are fun.

If you follow your gut, choose a French tutor you like, and use appropriate resources, you will learn French very quickly.

But if you have fun with it too, you will be fluent in no time.

Give these three podcasts a try this week and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

We also can’t wait to hear about other podcasts and talk about them in future articles, so let us know if you have any suggestions for us, we’d like to hear from you!

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