15 Amazing Youtube Channels To Help You Learn Spanish

Want to learn Spanish with Youtube?

There are many ways to learn Spanish. But with so many options out there, which one should you pick?

Youtube has been around for a while now, and since its launch, people have been posting videos in all kinds of languages, which makes it perfect for any language learner. 

It’s free

Language learning is great and all, but nobody wants to spend a lot of money.

Thankfully, Youtube is still free to access for everyone, even if you do have to watch the occasional ad and close that free trial pop-up. 

Pick up what you like

One of the best things about Youtube as a platform is that the amount of content on there is limitless. You can find pretty much any language and every genre on there.

Vloggers, make-up tutorials, animation, drawing tutorials, fashion advice, travel videos, true crime stories, movie analysis, gaming streams and even specified language learning channels.

Whatever it is you are into, you can find it on Youtube and you can find it in your target language. 

Real speech

Instead of carefully written language learning podcasts or scripted movies, many Youtube channels are a great representation of what native people sound like when they speak freely or interact with each other. This can be daunting at first, but it is great practice and with the visuals accompanying the sound, it can be a great way to get your language skills to the next level. 

Closed captions and playback speed

Some channels offer closed captions with their videos, which makes it a perfect way to practice both your speech and reading skills. It can also help if you aren’t sure what they just said. 

Beyond that, you can adjust the playback speed to match your level. Start out slower, and slowly work your way up to real-time speech, or even faster to train your ears. 

Cultural immersion

The internet has made worlds that were previously hard to get into easily accessible.

Where you used to have to live in the country of your target language in order to get a peek into the daily lives of native speakers, you can now find thousands of vloggers capturing and explaining their every move on camera. 

This makes it a brilliant way to immerse yourself into the culture of your target language. Not only that, but following popular Youtubers might give you something to talk about with native speakers when you do meet them. 

It’s fun

One of the most underrated language learning strategies is to make something fun! So many people think learning a language is all about late nights grammar studies and vocab drills. 

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Language learning works best if you are actually enjoying it. This will make it easier to be consistent and get daily practice. The more you engage with your target language, the more likely you are to succeed in reaching fluency

There are many people out there today who speak English because beyond their classroom, they interact with it on a daily basis through various sources like Youtube.

They may have had classes in school, but they wouldn’t actually speak it had it not been for the daily practice and interaction with the language.

The best part being, all these interactions didn’t feel like studying but instead felt like entertainment. 

How to learn a language with Youtube

Okay, so we’ve gone over the why, now let’s talk about the how. 

Beyond the standard “watch videos and learn”, here are a few strategies that might help your language learning process. 

1. Let your algorithm know

Find things you like and subscribe to as many channels as you can. This way, you’re Youtube algorithm will notice your new interest and recommend more videos in your target language. 

If you choose to receive notifications, you will also receive little reminders to practice when an interesting video comes along. 

2. Improve your pronunciation

Use the videos to try and talk along and improve your pronunciation. In vlog like videos, you can often get a good look at how people move their mouths, and try and imitate those movements. 

Often we are very used to pronouncing letters a certain way, but the way a “b” or “l” is pronounced in another language might be slightly different. Pay attention, and see what you can learn. 

3. Don’t forget the comments

Look at the comments, leave a comment yourself. If you see something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to leave a comment saying “hey, I am a language learner, could someone explain this to me?” or ask a native speaker what it means. 

4. Share your own progress

Why not start your own channel to track your progress? You can join polyglot challenges and ask people for advice on how to improve. 

5. Daily practice

If you check in on Youtube every day and make sure to watch at least one video, you can build a solid habit of language practice without feeling like you are putting in a lot of effort. Once a video is clicked, all you have to do is keep watching. 

Even though you might miss stuff in the beginning, keeping up a habit like this is definitely going to show results in the long run. 

6. Expand the learning

Many Youtube channels have other social media accounts as well. Look in the description and see where else you can add their content to your daily routine.

Maybe there are fan groups you can join, newsletters you can subscribe to, or even podcasts related to your favorite channels. See Youtube as a gateway to the culture of the language you are studying, and try to interact with it accordingly. 

20 Channels to follow if you are learning Spanish

1. SuperHolly

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Accent: Mexican Spanish
Category: People & Blogs

SuperHolly is a bilingual Youtube who makes videos about both English and Spanish, and the struggles of living between two cultures.

Level: Pre-Intermediate to Advanced
Accent: European Spanish
Category: People & Games

Juan Fernandez, a native from Granada, Spain started an engaging and funny Youtube channel for Spanish learners.

3. BBC Mundo

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: Variety
Category: News

A part of BBC World Service’s foreign language output that covers the latest global news, business, technology, science, health, society, and culture.

If you are into world events, this might be something that would interest you more to learn Spanish with Youtube.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: European Spanish
Category: Food & Travel

These Spanish couple travel around the Iberian Peninsula trying out different delicious cuisines and talking to locals which will expose you to different dialects as well as traditions around Spain.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: European Spanish
Category: Spanish Learning

Here, you can learn Spanish, with explanations about grammar, vocabulary lists by subject, phonetic videos, colloquial expressions, etc. You can can also see the daily life of locals in Spain.

6. Rockalingua

Level: Beginner
Accent: European Spanish
Category: Cartoons

Learn Spanish with Youtube through songs, games, videos and picture dictionaries. This is specially designed for kids and children.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Accent: Cental American Spanish
Category: Education & Learning

If you want to learn Spanish from a fun and silly instructor, then Senor Jordan is a good choice for you. There are some videos that feature songs so you can easily memorize grammar, while some feature stories and dialogue.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Accent: Mexican Spanish
Category: Food & Travel

This funny Youtuber reports from Mexico and around the world. His good humor is very contagious, even when he experienced unfortunate happenings – like getting mugged in Venezuela and being detained in Bangladesh.

This Youtube channel is great if you want to learn some Mexican slang.

9. Backdoor

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Accent: Mexican Spanish
Category: Social & Political Issues

Backdoor provides an irreverent, politically incorrect view on sensitive issues such as religion, sexuality, political corruption, drug use, and relationships.

This is an excellent way to learn Spanish with Youtube if you like talking about social issues that a lot of people go through everyday.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: Mexican Spanish, some European Spanish
Category: Lifestyle, Food & Travel

Easy Spanish team from Easy Spanish interview people on the streets so we can get to know the Spanish language as spoken in everyday life. Their episodes are subtitled in both Spanish and English.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: Colombian Spanish, with guests from other countries
Category: Education & Learning

Why Not Spanish? produces great short skits using lively everyday Spanish. Maria, the Spanish teacher, interviews guests from different Spanish-speaking countries which exposes you to different accents.

No better way to learn Spanish with Youtube than having quizzes at the end of most lessons, as well as free worksheets.

12. SpanishPod101

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: Mexican Spanish
Category: Education & Learning helps you learn to speak, read, and write Spanish. You’ll have a great time learning with learners all over the world. Get ready to start speaking Spanish from the very first lesson!

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: Various
Category: Travel

Travel the world while learning Spanish with Jim and May. Spanish and Go is a great resource to learn real-world travel Spanish. They do not only teach you the language, they also showcase the culture and beauty of each Spanish speaking country.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Accent: Mexican Spanish
Category: Food & Travel

If Mexican street food is your favorite, this one is also going to be your favorite. Charismatic standupero (stand-up comedian) and YouTuber Lalo Villar travels around Mexico and beyond to look for the best street snacks (garnacha). Super entertaining and educational but make sure you have food with you as this is going to make your mouth water!

Level: Advanced
Accent: European Spanish
Category: Food & Travel

This very entertaining Telemadrid show takes us to a new location every week to interview local Madrileño expats who show us around town, letting us have a glimpse into their lives.

The content is incredibly compelling but you have to be an advanced Spanish speaker as the show does not have subtitles. But if you are an advanced Spanish speaker, this is an excellent opportunity to hear real-life European Spanish.

However, Telemadrid stopped producing full time episodes of MXM on Youtube. Good news it, you can still find a lot of shows from the past years.

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