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bilingual Chinese writing practice sheets Chinese Bilingual Writing Sheets My latest free printable: Chinese Bilingual Writing Practice Sheets. Combine writing practice for English and Chinese for a better understanding of the vocabulary. Continue Reading
action cubes to learn chinese characters Learn Chinese with Action Cubes Learn Chinese with action cubes! This is a game of pure silliness I came up with to learn 12 common verbs. Get your little ones moving and laughing while they learn Chinese. Continue Reading
Ninjas wear masks coloring sheet Ninja Coloring Sheet My son is obsessed with ninjas so that gave me an idea for this ninja coloring sheet to get him to keep his mask on when we are out. Ninjas wear masks. Be a good ninja. Drawing by grandpa Continue Reading
diy cardboard pinball game Pinball Game The kids love playing pinball at the night markets in Taiwan. Since we can’t go back this year I decided to bring the game right to our living room. I made this with a cardboard box, corks, and boba straws. This is a fun way to sneak in some math by turning it into a competitive game and having the kids add up their scores. Continue Reading
knock em down game made with a cardboard box and chinese flash cards Night Market Game with Chinese Flash Cards This is the first spring in many years that we can’t go back to Taiwan. We’ve had lot of fun times playing games at the night market. Since we can’t make it there I decided to bring the games here! Hope you enjoy this one! My son learned 16 characters in one afternoon playing this game. Continue Reading
toddler hands holding plate with 2 cookies decorated with Chinese characters Chinese Character Painted Cookies Learn Chinese characters with this cookie painting activity. You can make your own cookie dough or use store bought cookie dough. The cookie paint requires just 2 simple ingredients and no added sugar. No sugary icing is used to decorate these cookies. Continue Reading
she hi it pronoun worksheets She He and It Chinese Pronouns Activity Sheet Learn the difference between 他, 她, and 它 with this activity sheet for She, He, It Chinese pronouns. The activity sheet combines coloring, writing practice, and character recognition. I hope you enjoy this free printable! Continue Reading
Egg carton art activity to learn Chinese characters Egg Carton Art Activity Pages Learn Chinese with these activity pages and include your child’s egg carton art. It’s a great way to spend time together creating art and saving some egg cartons from the trash. You can download the free printables in Simplified or Traditional Chinese. Continue Reading
Year of the Rat Chinese New Year Banner Year of the Rat Banner This morning I awoke to my son asking, “Mommy, can we make something today?” We haven’t been doing as many crafts at home since school started. They bring home tons of artwork each week so on the weekend I try to get them outside instead. This past week we have been making Chinese New Year decorations and the kids are having a lot of fun being creative. So while my husband took the kids to the park, I designed a… Continue Reading
Feed the Frog Game to learn Chinese Characters Feed the Frog Game to Learn Chinese Characters It’s cold, rainy, and we are all recovering from the flu… still… since Thanksgiving day. Being stuck at home is making all of us stir crazy. One day there was a gnat trapped inside (like us!) and my son was chasing it around the apartment. That’s when I got the idea for the Feed the Frog Game to Learn Chinese Characters. My 3 year old daughter loves to read. She loves reading Sagebooks and even brings them to me for… Continue Reading

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