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Okay, you want to learn Spanish on your own. You want to speak to natives and surprise them with your skills. It would be great to make them wonder how on earth you were able to learn Spanish by yourself.

And now, let’s get back to reality.

Keep in mind that you can’t learn Spanish overnight. It is not that easy, but with enough dedication, you can succeed.

That is why we are here to share with you the best way to learn Spanish on your own step-by-step.

Remember, there is no only one ideal, unique, and fast way for learning Spanish on your own. A combination of several ways and methods, constant dedication, and practice will get you to the right path.

So, let’s get started.

Start With Grammar and Exercises

It’s essential to know grammar rules. Even though grammar may seem monotonous, it’s a valuable part of every language, and language can’t work without grammar.

To make it as entertaining as possible, find some brief Spanish textbooks for self-study with explanations and lots of exercises.

Easy Spanish Step-by-step, for example, is one of the popular books that have clear explanations about grammar rules with exercises.

Another textbook, particularly suitable for learning Spanish for beginners, is Spanish in 3 Months by Hugo. This one is the right source for basic grammar such as plurals and gender, tenses, prepositions, etc.

We suggest doing exercises every day for about an hour. Very quickly, you will get into this part of the language. Whenever you feel you have some issues with some grammar sections, dive into exercises.

Enjoy Spanish Movies and TV Shows

Learning Spanish for beginners with TV shows and movies is possible if you use English subtitles, or subtitles in your native language if they are available.

For those who already speak Spanish, intermediate and advanced learners, watching movies with Spanish subtitles is very helpful. It may seem a little weird at first, listening Spanish and reading the same sentence in Spanish, but this technique will help you improve your listening skills and reading skills as well.

We suggest some of these best Spanish movies on Netflix that can help you learn many new Spanish words and phrases, as well as have fun.

Visit As Many Countries As You Can

Believe it or not, there are 21 Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. 

There is at least one Spanish-speaking country in every continent!

We believe that you like to travel and try to spend every time possible to visit many fascinating countries and places on this planet.

So why don’t you combine the two good things and start visiting Spanish speaking countries? That way, you can meet the divine and marvelous Hispanic world, and you can practice your Spanish at the same time.

Plan your trip and visit every of the Spanish country, meet native speakers, and hear different variants of Spanish. Besides practicing the language, you will get used to different dialects and can easily recognize them.

Listen to Radio And Podcasts

The good thing about radio and podcasts is that you can listen to them whenever and wherever you are. Whether you are jogging in the park, walking in the street, or waiting in the line, you can turn on on your mobile device, plug in the earphones, and voila! The Spanish lesson starts.

Organize yourself and listen to the radio or podcast about an hour every day. 

The times when listening to the radio was challenging for beginners are long gone. Today, many Spanish radio stations are suitable for beginners as well, such as News in Slow Spanish.

Many Spanish podcasts can help you dive into the Spanish world. You just have to choose one (or two, or even three).

The compelling part of listening to the radio and podcasts is that no matter how advanced and fluent you are in Spanish, there will always be some phrase or word you don’t quite get, so besides mastering your listening skills, you can always learn something new.

It’s hard to say which are the best free Spanish lessons online since there are many good online resources for learning Spanish are available. Among them, Spanish courses are more than suitable for every Spanish learner, no matter his level of proficiency.

With so many courses available, you can choose whether you want to learn Spanish YouTube way with Spanish Dict videos that can keep you engaged all the time watching, or you rather want something more on a daily basis such as Coffee Break Spanish. Perhaps something between these two courses is what you are looking for but in video lessons that you can download use on your mobile devices like 5 minutes Spanish.

Oh, so many great courses and only one life! 

Improve Your Vocabulary With Apps

Apps maybe aren’t ideal for practicing conversations or some advanced language learners, but they are more than useful for improving your vocabulary.

All of them are convenient for mobile usage, so the good thing is that you can work on boosting your vocabulary any time you want.

Apps are made to make learning easier. Many Spanish apps offer so many features, such as tracking your progress, targets, and goals you have to achieve to unlock new words and phrases or using flashcards.

The good thing about the apps is that they are game-like. The more you progress, the more you will want to play.

The result is vocabulary improvement.

Find Spanish Pen Pal

Do you know what is the best way to learn Spanish fluently?

With pen pals.

The times when you were writing a letter to someone from another country, going to the post office, sending it, and then waiting for the reply are long gone.

However, the term pen pal doesn’t have to be the word you find only in dictionaries. You can find your Spanish pen pal from the comfort of your sofa and a cup of coffee or tea in one hand.

Yes, you only need a PC, laptop, or some mobile device and internet connection, and you can start searching for your Spanish pen pal.

He can help you with your grammar, pronunciation, idioms, slang, and many more, including a true friend. Or who knows, along with practicing Spanish, you may find your soulmate?

Spanish Tutor as the Wind at the Back

Even though there are many ways, techniques, and methods on how you can learn Spanish by yourself, sometimes you need help with native speakers.

Getting a Spanish tutor to help you and take you in the right direction is one of the best ways to learn Spanish fast.

With Spanish tutors on Justlearn, you can practice your listening skills, learn Spanish slang, find out some interesting Spanish food traditions and recipes, even understand the difference between Mexican and Spanish, and in the end, improve your conversational skills without fear of making mistakes.

The best thing is that it’s not important where you live. Booking online lessons is easy. So, don’t hesitate any more minutes and find a Spanish tutor.

So, now you have a bunch of ways that can help you learn Spanish on your own.

Be persistent and believe in yourself.

Apply these steps, and practice every day. 

Don’t forget to ask for help from Spanish tutors when needed.

When you feel your head is going to explode, take a break and choose a good and entertaining Spanish movie.

And, very soon, the day when you will be able to say that you have successfully learnt Spanish by yourself will arrive.

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