7 Reasons To Learn English

by learn a language journalist

      Hi there,

      would be a typical way to start a blog, sentence or phrase in the English language when you are writing.

  • So the 7 Reasons to Learn English, are going to be reasons that most of you will probably already know, but some reasons will be different and maybe difficult to understand. Why you might ask? 
  • Well that is where my personality and my Life and my being comes into play. We are ALL people of the world, but we as we evolve on this planet we have more and more problems it seems. Our OCEANS, as well as our AIR and our FOOD is being destroyed by large corporations, because of GREED?
  • OK, so Let’s start this blog with the most obvious reason to LEARN English. Which is:

  1.) To Communicate With Other Human Beings

  • Why is that so important, since some of you reading this, are thinking: That can NOT be important. Well as long as we can communicate with other people in a way that the conversation is UNDERSTOOD in its core, the WHY and WHAT, then we have a basis to solve any “ISSUE” that was an issue, or could become an issue. ( I do not like the word: Problem. Issue is far less intimidating and much more powerful ) There are NO PROBLEMS without a SOLUTION!
  • There is always a solution to every problem! But why are there problems in the first place you might ask…if there would be solution to solve it ? Well then we have to ASK? Why are we here? Or what is the meaning of LIFE?
  • At this point I will not get into these very interesting subjects, as they will be in my new website called “MY LIFE/HOME is a suitcase“. I will put a link here as soon as its done, in and around December 2018.
  • So the word ISSUE just sounds a lot better, since its not as threatening as PROBLEM. When we hear the word problem, it immediately triggers in most people a negative reaction, since we ALL HAVE them thru out our entire life. And we all deal with them in different ways. But an issue is not as negative, since issues also occur on a daily basis, and they are “seemingly” easier to deal with.
     Just ASK anyone: What is your PROBLEM ? Can I help you with that today?

   Do you have an ISSUE that I can assist you with ?

  • Which one sounds “nicer” and easier to deal with?
  • So IF we all learn the English language and communicate with each other to SOLVE issues, then the world, I believe, will be a better place to live on.
  • The 2nd reason to learn English must be:

  2.) English for BUSINESS In The World 

  • It does not really matter WHERE you live on this planet. Chances are that English will be part of your business world, when you apply for a JOB in many cases. There are of course countries, cities and places that just don’t fully understand the impact that a language such as English, can have for their life, especially their future, and I mean a better future!
  • Many people around the world, especially in 3rd world countries will never travel outside their own borders. And I don’t mean the borders of their country, I mean the borders of their City, County, Canton, Barangay, Village. Basically I have met people all around the world, even in so called 1st world countries, where they have barely left their city where they live in. A drive of 120 Km on a nice highway was already too much for them! The unknown was just too far.

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And let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with that! Some people like me are meant to explore and travel, while others just stay in their city where they where born and where they will die. It’s OK. We all have to die someday. The place where, does not really matter, only the HOW we pass, does. And these people will in most cases have no need to learn English, since they don’t see a reason to why they should spent time and money to learn it. There are even today, in the year 2018, people living in the Jungle, like here in the Philippines, and they have never seen white people, do not know what electricity is and they speak a language that is basically forgotten. For them to learn English makes no sense, since they will most likely not need it. And that is OK also! We should protect these people who live in these places, and not Destroy the natural habitats, just because we need the wood or oil, which is where they live.

  • But if you want to a better JOB outside your place where you live, then learning English will be a vital part of that journey, otherwise you will just stay where you are. English opens not only doors to get better Jobs, it opens entire NEW possibilities to work in places and companies, which many dream of.
  • Let’s see what the 3rd reason could be:

  3.) TRAVEL or MOVE YOUR ???

  • If you are a person that likes to travel outside many people’s comfort zone, then you must speak English!
  • Ever been in an International Airport? And you are trying to communicate in your mother tongue, or dialect? Well YOU just might get lucky and there is one person who speaks and understands you. But if you speak and understand good English, you will always get your point across, because at International Airports, its a “must” for basically all employees who work there, even if its a Burger King in Moscow ( I just do not like MacDo) to speak English.

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  • Ever been anywhere and you did speak English? Most of them time, its a matter of time, until you find someone who also speaks English and can help you to translate into the language that is spoken in that country! So IF you are a vivid traveler and want to explore, possibly live or move in another country, do learn English, because it will HELP you to get things done!
  • Spanish is another one of those languages I would recommend learning. If you can speak these two, then the world is yours! At least in 6 of the 7 continents you will be fine. In Asia the 7th continent, I would recommend bringing a translating tool, like an app WayGo, that will translate street sign with your camera! Please go to waygoapp.com. Another one is translatevoice.com and sayhitranslate.com. Please google these yourself, since there are so many of these apps, some free, others you have to pay for, that you have to get the one that YOU need, depending on the country you go to and the type of travel you are doing. ( This blog by the way, would get way too long, if I get into these apps) Thanks!
  • Let’s see what the 4th reason could be:

  4.) LOVE Or…Dating

  • Oh boy, this an important one as well. 30 years ago there was NO INTERNET, so in order to meet that special someone you had to physically GO OUT of your house or home and TALK to a person, to meet them and get to know them. Today we have endless online dating sites, tools or “things” like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.to meet people from all over the world. And in “some” cases these people stay together or get married.
  • Before the online world, people went to clubs, discos or any publish places like coffee shops, restaurants etc. to look for someone they where attracted to physically, then do the small talk, get a DATE and hope that she/he would show up! No last text messages like “sorry had an emergency, have to cancel ” which are frustrating indeed. Instead, you, in this case also ME, stood there at that BUS STOP and waited, and waited and waited. Only to realize one-two hours later, she is not coming! Now that was disappointing to the bone!
  • Today in the online world, where almost 4 Billion people are online, and many are DATING online, since its safe, things have changed a lot! Mostly for the better, since I personally have met many guys who rented my guesthouse, here in the Philippines, for one reason only! To meet their DATE or FIANCE. One guy even showed me the engagement ring he bought for her!
  • So IF the girl did not speak any English or at least enough to communicate with the guy, he probably would have never showed up here. Well that’s a “probably”, since I can not be sure, but in many other cases, the guys met the girls online, and eventually they decided to come here and SEE for themselves, and to also meet her in person!
  • This young kid from Portugal, his name is James, he was about 28 years old, also met a young Philippine over the internet, decided to come here, and proposed to her within 14 days of his arrival. Little did he know about her, and to make a long story short he left WITHOUT her. I guess the main reason was that HE was too young and SHE was too poor, since he was a regular working class guy who could definitely support himself and maybe a wife and kids, but not the entire Philippine family.
  • Or don’t you know the saying: If you marry a Philippine, you marry the whole family! Well I my case I only married my wife, and after almost 10 years we are still in LOVE and married. So if it would not be for the English language, the GUY, James or ME would have never been able to meet these girls, which one of them is now my wife. Jippie!
  • Let’s see what the fifth reason could be:

  5.) Meet New People

  • This might be the same thing as dating you might say, but its not! I assure you. 
  • Many times in my life and I am sure in yours too, as you are reading this, you have been in a situation where you just wanted to ask a simple question like; Excuse me, do you know where this street is? … And all of the sudden you start talking to a complete stranger, only to realize 1 hour later that now you are going to be late for that appointment you had. But you had a great time, maybe just learned a thing or two.
  • How about just sitting in a coffee shop somewhere and you see an interesting person, or someone approaches you and asks the time. And now you are engaged in a conversation about who knows what… IF you would not speak that language, Let’s assume its English for a moment, you would have never had that “talk”, which I am sure in some cases led to a better Job, or an invitation to a dinner between friends…who knows! And there are many hundreds or thousands of other examples like that.
  • Meeting NEW people without getting emotionally involved would be pretty good reason to speak and learn English, or many other languages for that matter.
  • I was approached by one of the Baldwin brothers in the Gym in Miami Beach at the time I lived there and was working out. He just came up to me and asked me the time. No big deal, and since we where both working out, any sort of small talk was not an option…well maybe. But what If ? Just meeting new people would be a great way to get information and to learn something new. Who knows, right?
  • Or how about sitting in an airplane on an International flight to ??? and the flying time is 16 hours. Let’s just assume that you are in Economy and the person sitting next to you is NOT Cindy Crawford, nor Beyonce…but a normal person like you, with NO ENGLISH skills! Oh boy good luck on that flight. Sure hope they got some really good movies, or you brought a good book! But what if its a person that also speaks English? Well it happened to me, and we talked for about 10 hours, only to realize we should also try to get some sleep!
  • Number 6 reason to learn English is probably:

  6.) Internet And Computer

  • The language of the computer language is not English, but is called BASIC or COBOL. Also, Java, Ada, FORTRAN, Pascal or HTML are computer languages.

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  • The one I mean is the UNIVERSAL language of most computers, and that is English. Sure, if you buy a computer in France, it will have the main language installed which in this case is French. In Germany this language would be German and so on. Also, the keyboard would be different in each of these countries.
  • But you will not find a Laptop, PC, Tablet or any other device that can communicate with the internet, that does not have English already pre- installed as a language! It does not matter where you bought the device, it will have English installed on it. So in case you are lucky enough ( Let’s use that phrase for a second) to have purchased such a device in Russia, you can be sure that there is the language option: ENGLISH.
  • The 7th reason is as simple as this

  7.) It’s EASY To Learn English

       Thank you! 

  • And Please DO leave me comment or remark below, if you FEEL like it, or think I was not accurate on something. Please keep in mind that this post represents the TRUTH to the best of my knowledge, and we all have our own thoughts and feelings about LIFE and all these matters.

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