Top 10 Easy Ways to Learn Mandarin Chinese Language Quickly

by learn a language journalist

Learning Mandarin Chinese is fun and interesting until you become fluent at it. According to a report of, it states that 873,000 million speak Mandarin all over the world. Learning Mandarin not only helps you to understand history and culture but also improve your artistic skills. For business owners, learning Mandarin is mandatory somehow! At the moment, with the vast accessibility of the internet, it becomes much easier to learn Mandarin at no cost!

In this list, we have concisely illustrated top 10 ways to learn Mandarin Chinese — need not be confused by now!

Top 10 ways to learning Mandarin Chinese


WeChat is popular in China— mostly among Chinese youngsters. It allows you to find Chinese friends. Through the app, you can voice and group chat, video calls, voice call and send obligatory message stickers. Happily, you can use the app in your favour to learn Mandarin Chinese. Needless to say, WeChat is fun, engaging and interesting.


Like WeChat, Anki is also a popular choice for learning Mandarin. The very best thing about Anki is, it makes remembering things easy. It is proved that Anki is more efficient than traditional study methods. The app is thoroughly content-agnostic, which supports images, audio and videos. With it, you have endless possibilities to learn Mandarin.


Pleco is another Mandarin learning app. Pleco has integrated Chinese-English dictionary/document read/flashcard system, which makes it accessible through smartphones. The best feature of this app is— you can search for unknown Chinese words (live) anytime. You can also search the word by drawing on the screen.

MDBG is a popular online Chinese comprehensive dictionary, which contains tons of Chinese words. The app is easy to use and always updated with new words. It is free to use and super-fast.

Another important way to learn Mandarin Chinese is to be a member of diverse Chinese forums. Chinese forums are always filled with new posts, phrases and words. Importantly, Chinese forums include native speakers and learners, who are ready to answer all of your questions or doubts— it is totally free.

Who doesn’t love listening to podcasts? How is it wonderful if you listen to it for learning purposes? It exactly happens while you are learning Mandarin. Just log in to podcasting platforms and listen to Chinese podcasts of native speakers. This habit not only builds up your listening ability but also offers you the right exposure to the Chinese language.


No matter which language you’re trying to learn, multimedia has the very capacity to learn that specific language in a short time. Likewise, watching Chinese TV programmes, dramas or documentaries or movies, or even listening to Chinese songs can give you the tone, accent for the language.

Not only listening to podcasts can teach you to speak Mandarin, but also different video-streaming platforms. Video-streaming platforms like  Youtube, YouKu and TuDou contain millions of hours Mandarin learning content out there. The good thing is, many of the lessons are uploaded by native speakers and expert learners. In the beginning stage, these platforms can be used in your favour.


Tatoeba is a great source of Chinese example sentences. Tatoeba adds new sentences every hour. Tatoeba is a free community-based platform. If you want to know how it is expressed in Mandarin, you can just add the sentence in English and wait for someone to translate in pure Mandarin. Like other Mandarin-learning communities, tatoeba is also a home of native Chinese speakers.


Jukuu is a clone form of Tatoeba. Jukuu has an in-built dictionary but you are able to search the meaning of a specific word from a sentence (you can separately search the meaning of an unknown word after adding it into the SRS system). This improvement is good for language learners who are unable to grasp the meaning of an unknown word until they need to see the word in action.

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