How to motivate yourself to learn English: 15 best keys to success

by learn a language journalist

By Myra

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English is now essential for anyone. The world is increasingly dynamic
and competitive, and having an excellent command of the English language offers
you more perspectives. You and I, like everyone else, have ambitions, good
intentions, many plans, but, as you know, motivation is the most crucial
aspect, especially if it concerns language skills. So how do you motivate
yourself? Here are 15 easy strategies to put in place to get impressive results

1.    Make a deal with yourself.
It helps to achieve any goal in general. This trick will put you in control of
the situation and remind you that a deal is a deal. Be the best partner for
yourself. It shouldn’t be a big goal for the first time, for example, to learn
5 words every day. Don’t forget to encourage yourself, see another example: “As
soon as I finish this exercise I will have an ice cream”.

2.    Fake it until you make it.
If you don’t feel any motivation or enthusiasm, try to behave like you feel
motivated and enthusiastic. Sounds like magic? It’s a simple brain trick that
works! After a couple of hours of acting the game you will feel like the
biggest fun of the task you have to do.

3.    Set your goals. Great goals
are great motivators. Think globally – what are your ultimate intentions?
Travel? Find a new good job? Make new friends? Imagine the need to complete a
task in the form of stairs to achieve the main destination.

4.    Don’t rush yourself. Start
doing the work slowly. In this case, your brain will not picture the mission as
something that must be done immediately. What happens when the human brain
feels the need for a rush? More often than not, you feel stressed and your
brain “persuades” it not to begin work at all. Therefore, the slower is the better.
Take your time.

5.    Compare yourself to yourself
only. Do NOT compare yourself to other people and their results in any case. If
someone has achieved more than you, this can kill your motivation. Someone will
always be ahead. Therefore, focus on yourself and your results. Just think
about how you can improve them. Reviewing your results from time to time is a
very important process. Such a review may surprise you very much in a good way;
you will see how far you have already come to your learning improvement.

6.    Write a success diary.
Concentrate on your success, not your failure. Writing down what you did well
will give you a sense of achievement. When you feel stuck just have a look at
how much have you done already.

7.    Find your idol. Find someone
famous you are excited about and try to behave like he/she does. Read about
them, observe, and collect all the information you searched. Try to understand
what drives them to success. Let this person inspire you.

8.    Have fun. You can discover
something funny and captivating in every little thing you do. Try to enjoy
doing it. Positive emotions are the best motivators.

9.    Step out of your comfort
zone. Start with the idea that you need to take only one small step at the
time. Success from fulfillment will keep motivation at the right level. You
can’t even imagine how much you can do using this method! This also will make
your brain work better.

10.    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (check out this video). Reformulate the definition of fiasco in general; see it as a natural part of a successful life. Besides, try to find a valuable lesson in every failure and I learn from every situation.

11.    Use visualization. Write
reminders on the stickers; put them on a mirror, computer or doors. This will
make it easier for you to remember the main things throughout the day, while
staying focused on your work.

12.    Stay positive. Despite everything, learn to think positively. Try to let go of negative thoughts before they completely take your will. Surround yourself with positive, energetic people and their bright mood will inspire you to achieve more. Print the English Harmony Motivational Poster and stick it to your wall!

13.    Be creative. Use your
creativity: make intelligence cards, write lists, sketch your ideas on paper,
and more often, brainstorm yourself. Visual planning helps to increase

14.    Reward yourself. Even if
you have a lot to do, make a break for some time to do what you like. It will
fill you with optimism and increase the quality of your everyday life. And
this, of course, motivates you to achieve success.

15.    No more excuses. The
starting point is today. Our time is not unlimited. Focus on the current moment
and do what you need to do. Right now.

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