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So we need to be really careful with that.

Instead we can say:

✅ to get back home

✅ to come back home

And again we use these verb collocations with HOME without the proposition TO.

We returned back home after a long holiday.

I returned back home after many months away.

I would like to go back home next week.

If the doctor will release me from the hospital. I would like to go back home next week.

When will I get back home. Who knows? Hopefully it would be in a few weeks.

Will you come back home in time for Christmas?

You know somebody asking a relative who’s being away for a while and they want to know what they’re going to turn up for Christmas or New Year or some other celebration.

We don’t say:

❌I would like to go back to home. 

Okay, so these verbs are very simple verbs, OK? To go home, to come home, to get home and to return home.

Very simple verb collocations with HOME, but very careful. As I said, you don’t use the proposition TO.

We always use them without TO:

I wish he would come home.

When will he return home?

What time did you get home?

Remember to practise them and see whether you can get it right. But remember, don’t use that proposition TO.

Thanks for listening. See you soon.

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