Kale Anders Learned To Speak Spanish Fluently in Just three Months & Now Helps Thousands of People Master English in a Matter of 90 Days.

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Can you imagine mastering a foreign language in just 90 days? Most of us take weeks before we master how to introduce ourselves in the second language. I remember my first attempts at learning Spanish. I had to constantly chant the greeting and how to say, “My name is” for an entire day, only to forget it by the next day. When you come across a person who managed to master an entire language in three months, you can’t help but be impressed. 

Kale Anders is a serial entrepreneur, and language instructor. He owns a YouTube channel that has over 1.4 million subscribers. Through this channel, he teaches Spanish speakers English. But Kale is not only a popular YouTuber. He is also the Founder of an Online English Academy. The Academy has helped thousands of Spanish speakers master English within months. 

Mastering Spanish in 90 Days 

Kale went to Mexico in 2016 to pursue his studies. While he was there, he fell in love with the language and culture. He discovered unconventional means of mastering the language. Next, he immersed himself in learning language learning theories to teach others how to learn a second language fast. He started a YouTube channel to share his discoveries, and the videos went viral. This success motivated him to work toward creating a language learning empire. 

Kale is an innovator and entrepreneur when it comes to language learning. He decided to venture into online language learning at age 25 years. Most of the traditional foreign language teaching institutions failed to discover the opportunity presented by online platforms. However, this young entrepreneur realized that online was the best way to go. 

Why learn a language online? The e-learning environment is convenient as it incorporates new ways of learning, such as videos, audio, instant messaging, grammar correction tools, and many more. Such tools help students stay connected. Plus, online tools increase learner’s retention rates and offer them an opportunity to correct mistakes. A learner may shy away from telling a teacher to repeat a concept in a physical classroom environment. But online learning allows a learner to learn at their own pace. The student engages in learning in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Tips Towards Mastering a Language Fast 

It is possible to learn a foreign language in 90 days. However, Kale states that the secret to success is motivation. There are two types of motivation in second language learning. The first motivation is integrative motivation. This type of motivation means that you are pursuing second language learning for personal growth and cultural enrichment. The second type of motivation is instrumental motivation. It refers to the need to learn a second language for functional or external reasons. Both types of motivation are important for success in L2 learning. 

Most people learned a foreign language while in High school. Although they got good grades in their standard tests, they went out to the real world only to realize that they could not order a meal in a foreign language. What went wrong? Well, for Kale, the issue lies in the prioritization of grammar rules. You cannot learn a language fast by cramming vocabulary or grammar rules. Instead, if you want to speak, then you must practice speaking. 

Kale encourages learners to immerse themselves in the culture of the language. You do this by interacting with friends who speak the language as their first language. Also, by watching films and songs from the L2 language. Every time you speak or think, try to speak out the thoughts in a foreign language. You can create selfie progression videos to keep the learning process entertaining and to share with your classmates. 

By the end of the day, having a mentor is the best way to ensure that you learn the language in 90 days. Kale has received numerous positive reviews on his Facebook and YouTube. He also has over a million followers on Instagram. His followers are majorly students who benefitted from his YouTube and online classes. 

Kale has had a huge impact and influence on how Spanish speakers learn English. If you are interested in learning English fast, you can check out his YouTube channel

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