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Learn Arabic online – Ahlan World Arabic school MSA

by learn a language journalist
Ahlan World offers students from all over the world the opportunity to learn Arabic online with the advantages of structured courses and immersive, flexible and individualized Arabic lessons, available to everyone. The online classes will be adapted to your daily life and the Ahlan World teachers will make you feel as you were at the school. You also have the advantage that they are one-to-one classes so they will focus on your specific needs. No matter if you want to learn Arabic to study abroad or if you you work in any company aiming to do business with Middle East […]

Learn how to speak Arabic as a native from the beginning

by learn a language journalist
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Speak Arabic Now!

by learn a language journalist
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How to Teach Kids the Arabic Alphabet in Three Easy Steps

by learn a language journalist
Do you want to know how to teach your kids the Arabic alphabet without hiring a professional? Then this article is for you. It’s very simple and I’ll explain in this article how you can do it in your own home just like I did with my 4 year old. It does not require a professional! What is the Best Age for Kids to Start? First, let’s discuss the age because parents wonder about this. At what age should you begin teaching your kids the Arabic alphabet? The answer is that it depends on the child. Some kids can begin […]

14 Best Levantine Arabic Shows To Learn Arabic From (Netflix)

by learn a language journalist
As any Levantine Arabic enthusiast will tell you, shows are a great way to pick up useful phrases or to improve listening comprehension. They also help you gain understanding of the culture of the country. Of course, shows are often exaggerated and dramatised, but insights can still be gained into the language and general beliefs of the people, as well as the history and politics of the Levant. So today I’ll share with you the best Levantine Arabic shows on Netflix. NOTE: Depending on your location, you might not be able to watch some of the shows listed below. Additionally, […]

Saudi Ministry of Culture launches first online platform to teach Arabic calligraphy, Islamic decoration

by learn a language journalist
Saudi Ministry of Culture launches first online platform to teach Arabic calligraphy, Islamic decoration /node/1665806/saudi-arabia Saudi Ministry of Culture launches first online platform to teach Arabic calligraphy, Islamic decoration The platform will also provide the trainee the opportunity to develop Arabic computer fonts by learning designs and programming fonts. (Shutterstock) Short Url Updated 14 sec ago Arab News April 27, 2020 12:38 Follow @arabnews Saudi Ministry of Culture launches first online platform to teach Arabic calligraphy, Islamic decoration The “Calligrapher” platform comes within the “Year of Arabic Calligraphy” initiative by the ministry of culture Updated 14 sec ago Arab […]

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic? – I Will Teach You A Language

by learn a language journalist
When you start learning Arabic, there’s a question you will likely ask yourself: “How long does it take to learn Arabic?” I’ll try to give you an answer here.
 But with a post like this, I need to get something out of the way first.
 There’s really only one honest answer to this question: it depends. The fact is, everybody’s language learning journey is different. 
It might sound cliche but it’s true. These situations are vastly different, and will dictate how long learning Arabic will actually take.
 Keep that in mind as you read this post. In this post, I’ll focus […]

10 ways to learn Arabic at home for FREE – Pink Jinn

by learn a language journalist
Arabic is one of the world’s most beautiful and poetic languages, spoken by over 400 million people worldwide across 26 stunning and diverse countries. However, it’s also undeniably one of the most difficult languages to learn, particularly if you’re trying to learn Arabic at home or online without a structured course or a teacher. But like any other language, if you’re committed and open to trying different methods and techniques, mastery of Arabic is both possible and incredibly satisfying. The following tips and hacks will help you to build an Arabic study habit into your daily routine. It’s up to […]

Listen to the adorable children’s animation that invigorates the Arabic alphabet

by learn a language journalist
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Morocco Launches App to Help English, Spanish Speakers Learn Arabic

by learn a language journalist
Rabat – The Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Living Abroad (MREs) has extended its Arabic language-learning app “e-madrassa” to help native English and Spanish speakers learn one of Morocco’s official languages.  The app is designed to help children of the Moroccan community living abroad learn Arabic. The platform first launched in December 2013 for French speakers to acquire basic written and spoken elements of the Arabic language.  The Hassan II Foundation for MREs has diversified the app over the years, introducing Italian as a teaching language. Now, English and Spanish speakers will be able to benefit from the program, and […]