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At Estelar, we work hard to live up to our name, which means extraordinary, pertaining to the stars. We are constantly improving our offerings and ensuring that

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Mike Patton Joins S.O.D. Members To Perform ‘Speak Spanish Or Die’ While In Quarantine – The Beast | Metal Devastation Radio

A month after sharing “quarantine versions” of the   STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH   songs   “March Of The S.O.D.”   and   “Chromatic Death” , recorded with each member separated in their own homes,   Charlie Benante   ( ANTHRAX ),   Scott Ian   ( ANTHRAX ) and   Dan Lilker   ( NUCLEAR ASSAULT , ex- ANTHRAX ) have returned with another   S.O.D.   track,   “Speak English Or Die” , the lyrics of which have been switched up to   “Speak Spanish Or Die” . Joining the trio on vocals is   MR. BUNGLE   and   FAITH NO MORE   singer   Mike Patton , who previously performed the same track with   Ian   and ex- SLAYER   drummer   Dave Lombardo   at the   MR. BUNGLE   reunion shows in February.   Patton   makes an appearance in the accompanying video as “ The Lonely Rager ,” complete with cowboy hat and bandana mask.

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH   (a.k.a.   S.O.D. ) was a satirical 1980s metal band which consisted of   Ian   (guitar),   Benante   (drums),   Lilker   (bass) and   M.O.D. ‘s   Billy Milano   (vocals).

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH   are commonly credited as being among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal into a style sometimes called “crossover thrash.” The track   “March Of The S.O.D.”   from the group’s debut LP,   “Speak English Or Die” , was the   “Headbangers Ball”   intro song for many years.

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH   was formed shortly after   Ian   finished his guitar tracks on the   ANTHRAX   album   “Spreading The Disease” . He would draw pictures of the face of a character known as “ Sargent D ,” and the pictures would be accompanied by slogans such as “I’m not racist; I hate everyone” and “Speak English Or Die.”   Ian   would then wrote lyrics about this character. He decided to form a hardcore band based on   Sargent D , so he recruited   Benante ,   Lilker   and   Milano .

The 30th-anniversary edition of   “Speak English Or Die”   was made available in November 2015 via   Megaforce . The set included the original album as well as the demo recordings from the pre- STROMTROOPERS OF DEATH   project   CRAB SOCIETY NORTH .

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Learn Spanish the fun way with Pepe and Tete! – British Mums

Have you always had a love for Spain? Do you love the passion of the Flamenco and fast pace of the Paso Doble? Have you always had a love for Spanish food, such as Gazpacho and Tortilla Española? Do you dream of the extensive sandy beaches of the Mediterranean? Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish?

Why wait? Now is the perfect time to get started and learn Spanish the fun way!

Pepe and Tete is a Spanish language experience business based in Surrey, United Kingdom. From private to group lessons, they offer a learning experience that is tailored to all ages and levels i.e. from toddlers to adults and from beginners to advanced students.

Pepe and Tete focuses on two main aspects of teaching Spanish:

That is why their learning methods are broadly categorised into tutoring and full immersion experiences.

The tutoring is provided by native speakers via online lessons with plenty of practical and conversational exercises to develop the listening and speaking skills.

Then the full immersion programmes combine learning and fun in a natural setting that allows you to fully appreciate the rich Spanish culture. These programmes take place in the south of Spain by the Mediterranean. The program ensures that participants practice Spanish while taking part in everyday life fun activities such as visits to the market, local shops, and shopping centres where they will need to manage themselves to buy different products. Additionally, the programme includes a variety of activities such as Flamenco workshops, cooking/ baking and a special sport called Padel.

If you are interested or would like to find out more about the Pepe and Tete programmes, please get in touch on or visit

Please email us at You can find our editorial guidelines here.

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ANTHRAX Members Past And Present, FAITH NO MORE / MR. BUNGLE Frontman MIKE PATTON Pay Tribute To S.O.D. With “Speak Spanish Or Die” (Video) – BraveWords

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has posted another lockdown cover featuring himself, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, Nuclear Assault bassist / former Anthrax guitarist Dan Lilker, and Faith No More / Mr. Bungle frontman Mike Patton. They pay tribute to S.O.D. with a take on “Speak English Or Die” dubbed “Speak Spanish Or Die”.

Anthrax have announced a brand new line of merchandise, “The Quarantine Drop,” that consists of two limited edition t-shirts: the quarantine masked Not-Man on the front with “Stop Spreading the Disease: Stay the F*ck Home” on the back, and the “State of Quarantine” shirt featuring the album cover art.  But wait, there’s more:  shipping with each order for the next 72 hours only (ends Monday at 11:59AM ET), the band will include a free Anthrax quarantine mask. The band will be donating a portion of all proceeds to Direct Relief, an organization that helps equip doctors and nurses in 80+ countries and 50 U.S. states with life-saving medial resources to care for the world’s most vulnerable people. Log on to Shop Anthrax to place your order.

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Techmeme: Google says Duplex, its AI chat agent which previously only spoke English, can now speak Spanish “only for confirming store hours” in Spain during the pandemic (Kyle Wiggers/VentureBeat)

What does the future of cloud computing hold  —  and what does this mean for businesses?  We looked at the data, talked to luminaries, and listened to customers across the world.  Here’s what they said.

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Where Can Kids Learn Spanish, French, and Swahili? – Mercy Housing

Where Can Kids Learn Spanish, French, and Swahili?

Kids can learn Spanish, French, and Swahili at Mercy Housing’s Appian Way community, thanks to our partner, National Real Estate Practice of EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants. Before coronavirus, EPIC’s Real Estate Forum collectively donated 120 new Chromebooks with software to Mercy Housing’s Resident Services across 10 communities in Seattle.

So that everyone at these communities got the opportunity to use a Chromebook, Homework Clubs were renting out the devices through Resident Services Coordinators. Residents could get help accessing school assignments, accounts, grades, and learning games like Duolingo — a fun and educational language app. Adult residents could also use the devices to file their taxes and utilize character strength assessments.

A Changing World

Today, with shelter-in-place and social distancing measures being observed, our resourceful staff are using the Chromebooks to offer remote tutoring via Microsoft Teams for kids who haven’t had access to tutoring enrollment applications for the Seattle Preschool Program (while Homework Clubs are on hold). Plus, residents are still getting support to file their taxes.

Before the pandemic had closed traditional classroom settings, Mercy Housing had been exploring opportunities to strengthen families’ digital access. Many children from low-income families face barriers to academic success, including lack of enrich­ment activities and up-to-date technology resources at home. Coronavirus has worsened the digital divide and Mercy Housing has gone into overdrive to get kids’ families better internet and more devices to continue their learning. Now, Resident Services are coordinating with schools on assessing residents’ technology and Wi-Fi access. Stay tuned to our blog to hear more about how donations are making a huge impact right now.

Mercy Magnuson Place received some of these Chromebooks too, and many immigrants and refugees with low incomes call this community home. They especially stand to benefit from improved access to technology to overcome language barriers and gain assistance navigating complex school registration systems in a new country. All these Chromebooks and software are entirely free for resident students to use.

An EPIC Start

The costs of Chrome Device Management Software were covered by the initial fundraising efforts, allowing administrators the ability to create a device profile and pre-install apps in a Cloud, which automatically downloads onto each Chromebook when the user logs on.

Mercy Housing operated 10 after-school programs (prior to coronavirus) in communities throughout the Northwest region and will add two additional programs this year. Over 500 kids participated in these enrichment activities last year. An impressive 90% of students report that Mercy Housing after-school programs help them feel more confident about their school performance.

Supporting and growing residents’ access to computers and the internet comes at a critical time. According to The Federal Communications Commission, 21 million Americans don’t have high-speed internet. Many advocates and supporters of equitable education and internet access say that even that number is modest. Broadband Now claims that the number of people in our country without access to high-speed internet could be even double that, around 42 million. For Mercy Housing, either number is too high, especially for families. These days, internet and computer access are essential for students’ success, and with shelter-in-place and social distancing protocols being practiced at all our properties, digital access is a must.

While many schools offer in­creased access to technology, this tends to be in wealthier, resource-rich schools where active PTA groups raise significant funds. For many years, Mercy Housing has focused on closing the opportunity gap for children and families living with low incomes through programming that engages youth after school to foster emotional wellbeing, physical activity, and academic achievement.

There’s No Better Time Than Now

When students fall behind in school, it can affect them for the rest of their lives. It can affect access to opportunity and that’s what Mercy Housing and EPIC’s partnership is about, helping young people gain access. Ensuring that residents have access to the same opportunities that all of us need to thrive is paramount to our mission. And academic excellence is vital. Mercy Housing’s Resident Services will continue to offer a rich variety of educational opportunities to families because our commitment to communities is always for the long term.

These Chromebooks and software aren’t EPIC’s first time partnering with us either. EPIC has been offering scholarships for two years and funded annual projects like this for five years through their forum.

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5 Best Ways to Learn Spanish Online

Learning a New Language in Times of Social Distancing

As the new age of technology is constantly bringing us new and improved ways to learn, many people have begun to take advantage of learning online. Learning a language online is great for many reasons, as it gives the learner a much wider variety of useful tools, and is especially advantageous for those seeking to improve their conversational skills. Practicing speaking from day one is the absolute best way to be successful when learning a language. Speaking Spanish is a skill and in order to master any skill, it must be practiced and practiced as much as possible. Following the online route when learning Spanish gives you an edge that many people may not think about and that edge is connection with native speakers and teachers. When in contact with native teachers as opposed to non-native teachers you are much more likely to be compelled to actually use the language as it is much less likely to be able to revert back to your native language. In this article, I am going to talk about five of the best online resources that are out there to assist you on your journey to mastering the Spanish language. 

1. Online Spanish Classes at Vamos Spanish Academy

Vamos Spanish Academy is a wonderful institution and has been bringing high quality Spanish education to students from all over the world for more than ten years. It is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina and provides a one of a kind experience to those seeking to learn Spanish and acquire the skills they need to succeed in achieving fluency. Vamos Spanish Academy implements a unique learning system that focuses on conversation from day one. The courses that Vamos offers aim to get students talking as soon as possible, while incorporating the necessary grammar into each class as well as the other three main language skills; reading, writing, and listening. Vamos Spanish Academy succeeds in providing its students with a tailor made curriculum that is fun and enjoyable and fits the needs of each student so as to ensure their success in gaining proficiency as soon as possible. Vamos successfully brings this same energy and interaction to their online classrooms. Do not hesitate to give them a try especially now as they are offering discounted online Spanish courses.

2. Rosetta Stone

One of the next best online learning apparatuses is very well known, and it is called Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone stands out because it captures every aspect of Spanish language learning when it comes to applications compared to real time classes. The Rosetta Stone program teaches language in context, in order to reflect day to day situations. You have the option to choose between Latin American Spanish or Spanish from Spain, giving you the opportunity to to learn about many hispanic cultures from all over the world. Another great asset that this program has is speech recognition technology. This is the closest you can get to perfecting your speaking and pronunciation skills without taking live action online classes, such as those that Vamos Spanish Academy offers. 

3. Busuu

Moving on to another very effective online resource to learn Spanish is an application called Busuu. Busuu includes comprehensive grammatical lessons like many other great language learning applications, but it also includes extensive audio files and reading/writing exercises to assist in the development of these equally important skills. One of the best tools that this product offers, that many other online learning apps do not, is the ability to get in contact and speak with other learners and/or native speakers in order to practice the most fundamental skill when learning a second language, and that is speaking. Busuu has proven to be one of the most user friendly and engaging apps there is when it comes to language learning applications and is highly recommended. 

4. Duolingo

Another great online learning tool is an application called duolingo. Duolingo is especially useful for beginners or those who have little to no experience at all with the language. Duolingo has one great advantage and that is the fact that it is free, which makes it accessible to practically everyone and anyone who would like to learn a new language. Duolingo uses a proficiency tracking system that sends you daily reminders that motivate you to excel each day in order to ensure that you advance. The app uses a system that implements the usage of images and repetition which is great for many people, as more than half of the population are visual learners. The only main downfall of the app is that it does not offer interaction with other learners so it lacks the opportunity to practice speaking. 

5. Babbel

The online application, Babbel, is another great tool for those seeking to learn Spanish on their own time and at their own pace. Babbel offers pre recorded lessons for all levels of learners so that you can take your lessons while you are at the gym, at the grocery store, or even driving to work! Babbel provides its subscribers with structured lessons that facilitate the practice of reading, writing, and listening, but as mentioned previously, it is another app that lacks exercises to practice conversational skills. As we discussed, conversation is one of the most, if not the most, important aspect of learning a language. There are many people who have a very high level of Spanish when it comes to reading and an understanding of the grammar, but when they speak, they just find it impossible. This is why it is so important to practice speaking from day one. 

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How to watch Sergio Aguero’s Spanish lessons & David Attenborough’s natural history classes |

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will join the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox as guest teachers on BBC Bitesize to help the homeschooling efforts of parents in the UK.

Argentina international Aguero will be teaching Spanish as part of the virtual curriculum, showing them how to count numbers in the language as part of the channel’s coronavirus lockdown output.

“It’s a tough time for children at the moment, and also for parents trying to keep them focused on their education from home,” City’s record goalscorer said.

“The BBC are doing brilliant work to help and I’m honoured to be able to play a part.”

The UK’s national broadcaster has assembled a diverse team of substitute teachers, with over 200 educational mentors putting their shoulders to the wheel to ensure children do not miss out on the chance to learn.

While Aguero will be using his bilingual ability to impart lessons, Sir David Attenborough will be teaching natural history, while Professor Cox will be informing children about science and the solar system.

Also joining the faculty is Mean Machine actor Danny Dyer, who will be teaching some classes on King Henry VIII, and Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker.

Lessons will run for 14 weeks and will be available to watch on demand.

It’s time to be responsible and to care about each other – everyone should follow the advice of public health services, and stay at home for the wellbeing of all of us.

— Sergio Kun Aguero (@aguerosergiokun)

How can I watch Sergio Aguero’s Spanish lessons?

Aguero’s Spanish school lessons will be shown on the BBC iPlayer and on BBC’s Red Button service.

You can access the BBC iPlayer online via any web browser at this link or alternatively you can download the app to use on mobile or tablet by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The programmes will only be available to watch for UK residents.

New programmes will be available every day, with primary classes from 9am BST and secondary classes airing at 10am BST.

If you find that you cannot tune in to Aguero’s lessons or miss them, the Argentine is also posting regular updates on his official YouTube channel and social media pages.

He has demonstrated to fans the thorough method of handwashing that has been advised by authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and shown examples of his quarantine training regimes.

Entrenando en casa//Training at home 🤟🏽 #QuedateEnCasa #stayathome

— Sergio Kun Aguero (@aguerosergiokun)

What is Bitesize?

Bitesize is the BBC’s flagship children’s education programme, which is aimed at both primary and secondary school students.

As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts normal life and sees schools shut indefinitely, the UK national broadcaster has put together a tailored programme of daily lessons to offer a resource for children’s education.

Lessons are divided according to different age groups: from five to seven years, seven to nine years, nine to 11 years, 11 to 12 years, 12 to 13 years and 13 to 14 years.

“We’re proud that the BBC can bring together so many people to offer such a wide-ranging package of support to help children and parents right across the UK at such a challenging time,” said Alice Webb, who heads up the network’s Children’s and Education output.

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How Hard Is It, Really, to Learn Spanish?

How Hard is Spanish?

Today, there are approximately 21 million people worldwide who are learning the Spanish language and it is the second most studied worldwide, right behind English. It is safe to say that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take up studying Spanish as a second language, but the million dollar question is, “is learning Spanish difficult?” This question does not have a simple, cut and dry answer. Learning any language has its challenges, but equally as many, if not more, benefits. In this article, we are going to be looking at the challenges of learning Spanish and discussing just how much effort it will take to learn the language as well as exploring some pro tips that will help you master the language in no time.

Important Factors to Consider

The reasons for which you decide to study Spanish will have an affect on how easy it is for you to learn the language and will greatly impact your chances of success. Learning Spanish online can be difficult for a lot of people if they are not motivated from within. Internal motivation means that you have chosen to learn the language because it will benefit you in some way. These reasons can range from wanting to open new career opportunities, because you want to travel, you would like to communicate with people on a deeper level, or maybe you just simply enjoy learning languages because it is fun. No matter the reason, all of these things will cause you to put more effort into your experience therefore producing a more efficient learning process. If you are truly interested and inspired to learn the language, you will find that it is much easier than you think. Secondly, you must consider what languages you already know. You have probably heard that some people just have “the language learning gene“. In reality, everyone has the ability to learn a language if they put their mind to it, and they should not let things like this deter them. However, it is true that learning Spanish comes more naturally to some people, especially if they have learned another language before. This is because Spanish has many similarities to other languages such as Italian, French, and Portuguese. On the other hand, Spanish also has many similarities to English. No matter what language or languages you speak, there is nothing stopping you from learning Spanish.

How Hard is it Really to Learn Spanish?

As mentioned before, learning any language as a second language is a challenge, but Spanish has some interesting similarities that actually make it quite easy. It is inevitable that you will need to study and and dedicate a significant amount of time if you want to attain fluency, but I am going to highlight some things that will show you that learning Spanish may be easier than you thought. To start off, Spanish and English have almost the exact same written alphabet. The Spanish alphabet does have some characters that are different from English, for example the ñ, but the they both utilize the latín alphabet. You may not realize that this is a great advantage, unless you have studied a language like Russian or Japanese where they use a completely different alphabet all together. Another advantage of this is that the majority of the letters share the same sounds between the two languages. The only characters that produce a different sound are the vowels. Bouncing off of this notion, an advantage that the Spanish language has, is that the pronunciation matches the spelling. Once you learn how the phonetics of Spanish vowels differ from those of English, it is extremely easy to pronounce every word. This, in absolute, is an advantage that English does not have. In addition to a similar alphabet and a straightforward pronunciation, the Spanish language also shares many cognates with the English language. Cognates are words that have the same linguistic derivation as another word from a different language. In other words, the look and sound the same. Some examples of this would be calm and calmar or celebration and celebración. Spanish and English share countless verbs, nouns, and that are cognates, so as you can see, this makes learning a large part of the vocabulary a considerably painless process.

Talking about vocabulary, check this POR vs PARA Video

Pro Tips That Will Help Guide Your Path to Success

It is very common for people to think that learning Spanish to a sufficiently fluent level is near impossible without immersing themselves in a Spanish speaking world. While it is true that full immersion is the absolute best way to learn and gain fluency, there are many ways to simulate “the immersive experience” if you don’t have the means to move to a Spanish speaking country. The best way to assure your success is to start immersing yourself from the very beginning. Learning the grammar and sentence structure is important, but many would argue that reading, watching TV series/movies with English subtitles (with Spanish subtitles is even better, if you are feeling adventurous), and giving your best attempt at speaking from day one, are the most effective ways to learn Spanish. Finally, one of the best pieces of advice that I can give is to have confidence. It is normal to feel shy when learning a new language, and this can induce difficulty in actually putting your speaking skills (the most important) into practice. Learning a language is a humble process and it can be pretty difficult to feel comfortable expressing yourself in a language that is not your own. For this reason, it is so important to believe in yourself and put your best effort forward when learning Spanish because ultimately, you are investing in your own success. Your subsequent success in these areas will also allow you to communicate comfortably with native speakers, and demonstrating the fact that you are trying your best will give you the opportunity to communicate on a much deeper level. As you can see, learning Spanish is not as hard as it seems. All you need to do is consider your goals and make a realistic plan, devote some extra time each day, and have confidence. Keeping these three things in mind, you are sure to accomplish your goals and master the Spanish language in no time! Of course you can always make your life easier and sign up for our online Spanish courses in Toronto or our Online Spanish Classes in Argentina. Check our Argentina blog for more information

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See Mike Patton Join Stormtroopers Of Death Alumni For “Speak Spanish Or Die” |

Stormtroopers Of Death alumni Scott Ian (Anthrax, The Damned Things, etc.), Charlie Benante (Anthrax) and Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault) recently enlisted Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, etc. frontman Mike Patton to cover Stormtroopers Of Death‘s “Speak English Or Die“.

Rather than a standard cover however, they opted to give it a lyrical twist, reworking it as “Speak Spanish Or Die“. Both Patton and Ian were previously performing that particular take on the track live together during Mr. Bungle‘s reunion shows earlier this year.

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