STUDY: Spanish Nets Prioritized Immigration Over Initial Coronavirus Outbreak

The global coronavirus pandemic resulting in a near total shutdown of our nation has rightly garnered the most time at Univision and Telemundo’s nightly newscasts. Unfortunately, our most recent study finds that this was not the case when it mattered most- at the early outset of the outbreak. Instead, the nation’s domestic Spanish-language networks focused their attention on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, and on immigration- which reigned supreme until very recently.

MRC Latino tracked coverage on Univision and Telemundo, counting every story on Immigration, Impeachment, and Coronavirus for the months of January and February. The data shows that Coronavirus received scant coverage early on, due to both Impeachment and Immigration taking precedence during the end of January and the beginning of February. The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump concluded in February, at which point immigration returned to its customary primacy.     

Immigration has been the most dominant news item for both Univision and Telemundo, as our most recent research on immigration shows. Both networks’ newscasts combined for a total of 194 minutes during the month of January, dominating impeachment and creating six whole days’ worth of content for the evening newscasts. It took a global pandemic to knock immigration off the top spot from our Spanish-language newscasts, and it wasn’t until February 26th that Coronavirus became the top story altogether.

If there were truly no agenda at the Spanish-language news outlets, then perhaps we would’ve seen earlier and more comprehensive coverage. Instead, viewers got a massive dose of shock, and coverage that now seems intent on sowing panic and despair within the Hispanic community. Even during a global health crisis, media bias is still a problem.

Many thanks to MRC Research Director Rich Noyes for his valuable contributions to this study.

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Rafael Nadal: ‘Roger Federer is trying to learn Spanish’

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal held the first two places in the ATP ranking continuously from July 2005 to August 2009 and are the only two men in tennis history to have finished 6 seasons in the first two places of the ranking. Federer was number 1 in the world for a record of 237 consecutive weeks between February 2004 and August 2008.

Nadal, five years younger, conquered the number 2 position in the ranking in July 2005, keeping it uninterrupted for 160 weeks before being able to unseat the rival from the top and conquer the throne in August 2008. On July 6, 2009 Federer regained the top position in the world ranking, and then relegated it to Nadal on June 6, 2010. The two tennis players met 40 times; Nadal leads head to head for 24-16.

Their 2008 Wimbledon final was lauded as the greatest match ever by many long-time tennis analysts. Their 2017 Australian Open final was one of the more highly anticipated major finals in tennis history, in part due to the relevance within popular discussions on their placement in greatest of all time listings, coupled with that fact that they were both already in their 30s, which is usually when most male players are on the decline or have already retired. Other matches considered particularly notable include the 2006 Italian Open final, 2007 Wimbledon final, and 2009 Australian Open final, with each match going to five sets.

In the Twitter post, a fan asked Rafael Nadal what would be easier for him to teach Roger Federer – the Spanish language, fishing, or cooking. “The easiest thing to teach him would probably be fishing. After speaking with him, I know that he likes to go fishing with his kids to the lake so he probably has some experience with this. Roger is trying to learn Spanish, he has tried speaking sometimes but I don’t know about cooking. He has never cooked for me before so I don’t know about his cooking abilities.” 

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BBC hire Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero to teach Spanish lessons for homeschooling service | London Evening Standard

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will host Spanish lessons for children as part of the BBC‘s new homeschooling service.

The coronavirus lockdown has forced the closure of schools throughout the country with parents having to devote their time to teaching their children from home.

The Argentinian, who has lived in the UK for nine years following his move from Atletico Madrid, will put his bilingual skills to use to help children in their distance learning for BBC’s Bitesize Daily programme.

The content will be available on TV and online starting from Monday, April 20 to mark what would have been children going back to school after the Easter holidays.

Aguero’s lessons, which will include counting numbers, will run for two weeks and the 31-year-old, a father of one, said he is “honoured” to do his bit.

“It’s a tough time for children at the moment, and also for parents trying to keep them focused on their education from home,” he said.


“The BBC are doing brilliant work to help and I’m honoured to be able to play a part.”

Aguero will be joined by other celebrities such as Eastenders star Danny Dyer (history), Professor Brian Cox (science) and Sir David Attenborough (wildlife) in being recruited to take on the role of stand-in teachers.

There will also be a maths and English lesson every day for different age groups, daily education podcasts and programmes on BBC Four on weekday evenings to support GCSE and A-level courses.

Find out more about BBC Bitesize and see all of their learning resources here. 

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Video: Mike Patton Joins Anthrax Members for “Speak Spanish or Die” Cover

Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Charlie Benante have been cranking out covers from their homes while on quarantine, among them a reunion of three-quarters of the original Stormtroopers of Death lineup (with Dan Lilker on bass) for a rousing performance of the band’s 1985 anthem, “Chromatic Death.”

Ian, Benante and Lilker have again teamed up for a Stormtroopers of Death song, and this time they’ve added a very special guest: Faith No More / Mr. Bungle / Fantomas / Tomahawk / etc. frontman and savant Mike Patton, who steps in on vocals for the retired Billy Milano on a reimagined version of the title track from Speak English or Die, the appropriately dubbed “Speak Spanish or Die.”

Patton didn’t get the memo that you’re supposed to record these things with your phone oriented horizontally, but we’ll forgive him this trespass because he nails the song. Watch below! Patton and Ian previously teamed up on the track at the Mr. Bungle reunion shows earlier this year.

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Mike Patton Performs “Speak Spanish or Die” with S.O.D. (Anthrax): Watch | Consequence of Sound

Faith No More singer Mike Patton has delivered a quarantine performance of “Speak Spanish or Die” with reunited members of Stormtroopers of Death (made up of current and former Anthrax members). The song is a lyrical reworking of title track from S.O.D.’s 1985 debut album, Speak English or Die.

Last month, the S.O.D. members — Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and guitarist Scott Ian, along with former Anthrax bassist Dan Lilker — unveiled a quarantine performance of “March of the S.O.D.” It marked the first activity from the crossover thrash band since 2007.

Patton, meanwhile, had performed “Speak Spanish or Die” during the February run of reunion shows by Mr. Bungle, who featured Scott Ian in their live lineup for those gigs.

In the socially distant version of the track, Patton is seen with a bandana over most of his face, belting out the song as Benante, Ian, and Lilker each perform from their respective locales.

Just prior to the pandemic, the recent touring lineup of Mr. Bungle got together to record a new version of their 1986 demo The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny, along with a few never-before-released songs from that era, and a bevy of cover tunes. That lineup consists of original members Patton, Trey Spruance, and Trevor Dunn, along with Ian and former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.

In addition to “Speak Spanish or Die” and “March of the S.O.D”, the three S.O.D. members also recently unveiled a quarantine performance of “Chromatic Death”. Benante, in particular, has been very active during the pandemic, teaming up with other musicians on a Rush cover, a Billie Eilish playthrough, and more.

See the “Speak Spanish or Die” and “Chromatic Death” quarantine performances below.

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See MIKE PATTON Join S.O.D. Members To Perform ‘Speak Spanish Or Die’ While In Quarantine

A month after sharing “quarantine versions” of the STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH songs “March Of The S.O.D.” and “Chromatic Death”, recorded with each member separated in their own homes, Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX), Scott Ian (ANTHRAX) and Dan Lilker (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ex-ANTHRAX) have returned with another S.O.D. track, “Speak English Or Die”, the lyrics of which have been switched up to “Speak Spanish Or Die”. Joining the trio on vocals is MR. BUNGLE and FAITH NO MORE singer Mike Patton, who previously performed the same track with Ian and ex-SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo at the MR. BUNGLE reunion shows in February. Patton makes an appearance in the accompanying video as “The Lonely Rager,” complete with cowboy hat and bandana mask.

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH (a.k.a. S.O.D.) was a satirical 1980s metal band which consisted of Ian (guitar), Benante (drums), Lilker (bass) and M.O.D.‘s Billy Milano (vocals).

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH are commonly credited as being among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal into a style sometimes called “crossover thrash.” The track “March Of The S.O.D.” from the group’s debut LP, “Speak English Or Die”, was the “Headbangers Ball” intro song for many years.

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH was formed shortly after Ian finished his guitar tracks on the ANTHRAX album “Spreading The Disease”. He would draw pictures of the face of a character known as “Sargent D,” and the pictures would be accompanied by slogans such as “I’m not racist; I hate everyone” and “Speak English Or Die.” Ian would then wrote lyrics about this character. He decided to form a hardcore band based on Sargent D, so he recruited Benante, Lilker and Milano.

The 30th-anniversary edition of “Speak English Or Die” was made available in November 2015 via Megaforce. The set included the original album as well as the demo recordings from the pre-STROMTROOPERS OF DEATH project CRAB SOCIETY NORTH.

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