Watch Ta-Nehisi Coates Speak French Before & After Attending Middlebury’s Immersion Program

The many fans of Ta-Nehisi Coates, longtime  correspondent and author of books like  and  (not to mention his more recent role as a writer of Black Panther comics), know a thing or two about the trials and tribulations he went through to become one of America’s best-known public intellectuals, but fewer of them know how intense […]

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ENOUGH! Paris Fights Muslim Migration, Demands Public Workers Speak French… » Louder With Crowder

The Paris region has passed a new rule obliging labourers on public building sites to use French, copying actions taken elsewhere in France to squeeze out foreign workers. The Ile de France region passed a “Small Business Act” aimed at funneling more local public contracts to small French businesses. It includes a so-called Moliere clause […]

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“I Don’t Speak French…but Zoë from Austria does!”: Language, the Eurovision Song Contest and Success Levels (1999-2015/16)

Adrian Kavanagh, 3rd May 2016 Does the language that a song is sung in matter at the Eurovision Song Contest? A review of past success levels at the contest by language, as well as a review of the numbers of times that different languages have been used since the abolition of the national language rule in […]

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