Cosmic Girls Cheng Xiao and Bona Adorably Attempt To Speak English — Koreaboo

Cosmic Girl‘s Bona and Cheng Xiao are majorly adorable in general but when they speak English to each other the cuteness overload is heart melting.

While getting ready for a photoshoot Bona and Cheng Xiao decided to have some fun. In a self-cam Bona recorded their broken English conversation.

The two jokingly called each other “B” for Bona and “C” for Cheng Xiao. Though B came out like “E” on accident Cheng Xiao caught the slip-up and corrected it to B swiftly.

It was a struggle but Cheng Xiao also managed to talk about her hair roller. After trying to say the difficult word multiple times she ended up, in almost a British-sounding accent, announce the roller to be ” my life”.

Later on, Bona tried her best to capture Cheng Xiao’s heart calling her “baby” but was promptly rejected.

“my baby”

— ben (@yerinyuju) April 13, 2017

The two really have the sweetest chemistry. Even though Bona didn’t fully compute Cheng Xiao’s English her affectionate response is to die for.

Cheng Xiao: Hey B, what are you doing here?
Bona: I love you
BoXiao moment >_<pic.twitter.com/x7OzlYT1jz

— Wendy 📼 (@SonWendyx) April 14, 2017

Watch the full video below.

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