Dónde Está el Bernabeu? Possible Real Madrid Target Danny Rose Admits to Taking Spanish Lessons

Tottenham’s marauding left back Danny Rose has admitted to taking Spanish lessons. However, amidst ​reports linking the 26-year-old with a move to the Spanish capital, he insisted that the reason for the classes was simply to try and improve communications with Spurs boss Argentine Mauricio Pochettino.

During a video interview with kicca.com, via ​Team Talk,the England international admitted: “I did try and learn Spanish last year, to try and communicate with the manager in a different way. 

“I first learnt Spanish in years 10 and 11, and I did enjoy it, but then I stopped.”


Rose attributed last season’s demanding title campaign as one of the contributing factors as to why he had to give up lessons.

he added: “I started lessons again last season, and I was doing well. But we had a lot of games last season, and it was difficult to keep having the lessons. 

“I’ve not done any lessons this season, and I’m a bit disappointed with that.”


Despite hinting at early promise, Rose claims he is little beyond the proficiency of a stereotypical holiday maker in the Costa del Sol.

“I only know beer. I’d do well in a nightclub probably, but other than that I would struggle,” Rose admitted when questioned whether he could use his Spanish skills to get by.

Perhaps more intriguingly, Rose also revealed that there isn’t just a language barrier in the changing rooms, but a musical barrier too. He reveals that Pochettino is not a fan of English music, preferring the comforts of music in his mother tongue, when he is in the office.

“I don’t think the manager is a big fan of English music. I think he’s a big fan of Spanish music.

“Whenever we go into his office, he’s got some sort of Spanish music playing in the background. Whenever he’s playing that sort of music in the office, it’s difficult to understand.”