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France Workers French

The Paris region has passed a new rule obliging labourers on public building sites to use French, copying actions taken elsewhere in France to squeeze out foreign workers.

The Ile de France region passed a “Small Business Act” aimed at funneling more local public contracts to small French businesses. It includes a so-called Moliere clause which will oblige firms working on publicly funded building projects, or in other areas such as transport or training, to use French as their working language.

Opponents to the Moliere clause point out that it will disadvantage newly arrived foreigners living in France who are able to integrate via the workplace and learn French.

Other French regions Normandy, Hauts-de-France and Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes have also introduced rules requiring companies to use the French language on public building sites.

Time to break out the dictionnaire Français, migrants.

This is France trying to resuscitate its culture. Ever since Mister and Missus Mohammad moved in, they brought their religion, language, and rape culture with them. While simultaneously sharting on all things French. It appears the French are thoroughly fed up. They’ve suffered enough terrorism to notice an ongoing pattern when it comes to refugees; they have little interest in assimilating, much interest in slapping a hijab onto France, declaring her New Syria.

Look, cultural variety isn’t necessarily a bad thing. See any multi-cultural buffet. Better known as “fushion cuisine.” Having both tacos and buttery croissants available in one place is the dream. But “diversity” devolves when it demands countries cater to a foreign culture. Especially as that same culture seeks the erasure of all others. Doubly problematic, Islamic culture is downright barbaric, better left to the horrors of the dark ages. Alas, Islam continues its barbarism in 2017. Leftists continue embracing it believing in their “diversity” dogma. To western civilization’s detriment.

Sounds like basic stuff, yet powerful organizations like the UN and the EU, refuse to see truth or reason.

While the unelected gangsters of the EU demand France kowtow to Islam (as Islam seeks to do away with the things that make France, France. Like escargot and nude beaches) the cultural eroding isn’t everyone’s glass of wine. The insistence here of the French language being spoken is pushback. Glorious, much needed, pushback.

Don’t like it? Don’t move to France.

Good on France for stepping up. Take notes, Europe…

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