Google Home Can Now Speak Spanish: Here’s How To Set It Up

Google announced that its smart speaker Google Home can now speak and understand Spanish. The language is one of many languages the company intends to add to voice-activated assistant’s linguistic capabilities by the end of the year.  ( Google Images | Pexels )

Google’s smart speaker Google Home has learned how to converse with users in Spanish, the tech giant announced on Tuesday, June 26.

This is good news for the 400 million-plus native speakers of the language across the globe, in addition to the millions who speak Spanish as a second language. 

Google Home Learns Spanish

At a launch event in Mexico City on Tuesday, Google announced that its smart assistant Google Home can now listen and respond to users in Spanish. 

Three localized versions of the language will be available across Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max devices in Spain, Mexico, and the United States. 

Spanish was already available as an official language on Google Assistant for Android devices, launching in the United States, Mexico, and Spain in November last year. Now, the Google Home products will join the club, just in time for their debut in Spain and Mexico. 

In February, Google announced that it plans to add 22 new languages to the Google Assistant by the end of the year, though it did not specify at the time how many of those will be coming to the Home. 

The company also intends to launch multilingual support, allowing users to speak to the smart assistant in multiple languages without having to go to settings and changing the language every time. The support is expected to arrive later this year, starting with English, German, and French.

How To Set It Up?

In order to change a Google Home’s language to Spanish, you need to head over to the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Once the app has been opened, select Preferences in the Settings menu and then choose Español as the language instead of the English default 

Once the Spanish language has been enabled, you can wake up the device with “Ok Google” before speaking in Spanish, Google said in a blog post. 

For instance, you can ask Google Home about your day by saying “Ok Google, ¿cómo será mi día?” and you’ll get a complete rundown of your schedule for the day. Fans can get to know more about the ongoing FIFA World Cup by asking, “OK, Google, cuándo juega México?” or cheer for their home team with “OK, Google, dame un cántico de fútbol.”

Users can do everything they used to with the Google Home in English, like listen to music, check the weather, control the thermostat or lights, etc. 

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