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Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay

Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay

The verdict is out: the best time to learn another language is as early as possible. Children absorb languages like sponges. Children have more time to master the languageand to receive the many benefits of becoming bilingual. How do you give your child or grandchild 6-10 an early start learning a language? ¡Hola!

has all you need to introduce your child to Spanish and to the Spanish-speaking world. It’s easy for you to use, whether you know Spanish or not. This is a great activity that the family can share.

The audio version is free and downloadable on the website along with lots of resources for using the book: tips for parents, activity sheets and more. Kids love a story.

They board Pete the Pilot’s magic airplane going to Mexico. On the plane, they learn their first Spanish words and expressions. In Mexico, they meet Panchito, Mexico’s #1 Jumping Bean. They follow his adventures, learn Spanish and absorb the culture while being entertained.

Back “home”, they have fun activities to practice and expand their Spanish with friends and family: a treasure hunt, favorite expressions, a skit. In the Culture Corner, kids learn more about the cultural features that they saw during the story.

For example, they learn about bargaining at a market and can use their numbers to bargain for un sombrero. They learn about piñatas, and how to sing a catchy song. Finally, there are directions for making a traditional Mexican mask. Take this opportunity to give your child the advantages of knowing a second language.

Author: Judy Martialay

About the Author

I wrote this book to give English speaking children the opportunity to start learning French at an early age. This is the best time to begin. Children absorb languages like sponges! They are wired to learn languages. They can learn to pronounce like natives.

We can learn a language at any age, but children have the advantage of time. They have more years to master the complexities of a language and to acquire a marketable skill.

Some advantages of being bilingual are: better cognitive or thinking skills, better memory, better concentration, better mastery of native language, increased tolerance and appreciation for diversity, greater job opportunities, direct contact with millions of people. Bilinguals can postpone the onset of dementia by up to 5 years.

Give your child this gift of an early start learning a language.

Hola! Let’s Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay

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