Learn English by Watching TV: Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 12

Watching TV shows is an excellent way to improve your English.

What are the benefits of watching TV?

You can:

  • hear real English and learn how people actually use it
  • hear and see grammar structures in use
  • learn new vocabulary, expressions, and idioms in context
  • improve listening and pronunciation skills
  • improve speaking skills
  • learn about culture

Let’s start!

Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 12

Young Sheldon is an American television comedy series. It is a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper is a super smart 9-year-old living in Texas with his family. He goes to the same high school as his older brother, who struggles in school. Their father is a football coach at their high school. Their mother is a devout Christian. Their grandmother (mother’s mother) lives across the street.

Characters: Sheldon, Memaw (grandmother), Mary (mom), George Sr. (dad), Georgie (older brother), and Missy (Sheldon’s twin sister)

Watch this clip at least 3 times:

  • Watch and try to understand.
  • Play the clip again. Listen and try to complete the cloze below.
  • Re-watch to improve your listening skills
    • Pay attention to tone and the rhythm of the language

Situation: Sheldon’s mom and dad are having an argument. His mom is staying at her mother’s house.

Cloze: Listen and try to fill in the blanks.

First scene: George Jr. and George Sr. are talking in the kitchen.

Georgie: What’s ___________ breakfast?

George Sr.: I don’t know. __________  _______  _____________  _____ cereal.

Georgie: Mom usually makes us eggs and toast and the occasional meat.

George Sr.: Well mom _________  _________, is she?

Georgie: Woah, somebody _____________ up on the wrong side of the _____________. And you had a choice cuz you had the whole bed.

Dad: Georgie, ________________ on ___________  __________.

Georgie: Maybe you should go across the street and ________________________.

Dad: I _______________ do that.

Georgie: Why not?

Dad: Cuz if I do it sets a bad ______________________.

Georgie: What’s Nixon got to do with it?

Dad: What?

Georgie: You said bad ____________________. Like Nixon. You know, this guy? (imitates Nixon)

Georgie: You ___________ to apologize? Dad! Dad! If you are, bring back _____________!

Second scene: Georgie and Sheldon are talking in the hallway at school.

Georgie: Hey. I hope you’re happy.

Sheldon: Thank you Georgie, that’s very kind.

Georgie: Mom and dad are fighting because you ___________  _____ get a stupid computer.

Sheldon: _________  _________ you ______________ about?

Georgie: Mom wanted to buy it for you, dad said they couldn’t _______________ it, Memaw offered to pay for it, now I’m _______________ pineapple spears for lunch. I hate ____________ my own lunch.

Sheldon: I’m sorry Georgie. I didn’t know.

Georgie: Yeah, well now you do. ___________  _________  _________ get?

Sheldon: A turkey sandwich mom cut in the shape of a heart, a fruit cup, a brownie, and a note from Memaw saying how much she loves me. I haven’t read it yet, but ______  _________ it’s a lot.

Georgie: I don’t even have a can opener!


  • What are 2 misunderstandings that happen in these scenes? What causes the misunderstandings?
  • What do you think to wake up on the wrong side of the bed means?
  • What do you think walking on thin ice means?
  • Why is George Sr. upset?
  • Why is Georgie upset?
  • What does “I bet” mean in Sheldon’s last line?
  • What do you think the outcome of the episode will be?


to wake up on the wrong side of the bed = to wake up in a bad mood

to be walking on thin ice = doing something that might have negative consequences


afford: have enough money to pay for something

I bet: I’m sure something is true.

precedent: example that can be followed/model

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