Migrants who pay taxes, speak English and assimilate aren’t the problem — it’s the ones who bleed us dry by not contributing

IMMIGRATION is a thorny issue in Britain. Anyone who has the temerity to say that immigration is out of control is running the risk of being called racist.

So let me start by saying this: People who come to Britain, get a job, pay tax, embrace British laws and speak English are part of what has made this country the great, strong and diverse place it is.

People who move to Britain and pay tax are not the problem

Those who have done this have contributed massively to the success of this country and should be welcomed with open arms.

But those who come here and do none of the above are bleeding this country dry — while we pander to their needs.

Even though new official figures show that net migration is down, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that immigration is still out of control.

We see it in our cities, which are overpopulated and overcrowded, in our hospitals and in our housing crisis.

The people who bleed our country dry without doing anything for society are the problem

It is impossible to track down the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants working on the black market in the UK, thanks to swingeing cuts to the immigration enforcement workforce.

Moreton told this paper: “If you are here illegally you can survive very well, you access medical services, your child can go to school. The chances of us catching you are very, very slim.

Instead of targeting people like Paulette we need a system to target people who are not working and not contributing

Meanwhile, our NHS, our schools, our housing, are all buckling under the pressure that is partly being created by people who take out of the system and don’t put anything back.

But it is not fair, and it’s just not right, that an elderly grandmother who has paid into the NHS all her life via National Insurance should have her treatment held up because there are people in front of her in the queue who have contributed little or nothing.

It’s utterly ridiculous that last year we were cutting back on border controls and now we have to throw millions at it to sort it out. In fact, it is nothing short of political stupidity.

Immigration was at the heart of many people’s decision to leave the EU. Lots of people voted Leave because they thought it would transport us back to a 1950s Britain, with milk floats roaming the streets and dispensing Good Old-fashioned Values.

It is ridiculous that we cut back on border control and now we need to spend millions to sort it out

Unfortunately, that is not the case. And simply leaving the EU is not going to sort out the issue of immigration.

Sorting it out will take strategy and organisation. It’s going to take someone with real grit and determination, who is willing and able to make some difficult decisions.

Who is going to do that? Honestly, no politician I have ever met.

I think that’s partly because people know what an incendiary issue this is — and they are scared to be called racist.

We have to do something because sitting back and doing nothing is not an option

But this is not about the colour of people’s skin, or their religion. It is about whether or not they are contributing to society.

It is a practical issue. We need much better border control. And there needs to be a more efficient way of identifying illegal immigrants — and making them leave.

In the meantime, though, it seems we are cracking down in all the wrong places. We’re hunting down people like Paulette Wilson, who has lived in Britain for 50 years, paying tax and National Insurance for 34 years.

She recently received a letter telling her she was an illegal immigrant and was going to be sent back to Jamaica, the country she left when she was ten and has never visited since.

Lucy Moreton admitted that we wouldn’t be able to track down all of the illegal immigrants

Instead of focusing on people like Paulette, there needs to be an operation to identify and target illegal immigrants who are working without contributing, and to put a proper strategy in place to deal with it.

There should be huge penalties for employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants. Landlords who allow illegal immigrants to live in their properties should also be massively penalised, and there should not be school places for the children of illegal immigrants.

The fact is that the system cannot cope. We’ve got to open our eyes to the problem and face it head on.
We have to do something. Doing nothing is not an option.

It turns out that, when it comes to immigration, Brexit was a red herring and not the magic bullet some people hoped it was.

I think we should make everyone carry identity cards

But there is a very simple solution to all of this and that is an identity card. Every British citizen should have to carry one and, without one, there should be no access to the NHS, benefits, housing, school places or other state help.

I think that would immediately start to resolve the problem.

Danielle is in a state of undress

Danielle Sellers didn’t leave anything to the imagination with the black dress that she wore

GOSH, could Love Island’s Danielle Sellers have left any less to the imagination with the dress she wore to the Inspire Beauty Awards?

I guess she’s trying to put herself on the map but someone needs to tell her that there are other ways to be memorable.

Wearing this, she might just take the whole dress off and be done with it.

New Love Island star and topless model Danielle Sellers shakes boobs in Instagram video

ONE in ten girls were referred to mental health services last year, which sounds shockingly like an epidemic to me.

I can’t remember any of my friends needing mental health services 30 years ago.

I guess that is either because it was not the done thing to complain, or because we didn’t have social media.

Harry has passed Diaz challenge

You don’t need  a body language expert to tell you that these two young people are really in love.

Cameron Diaz said she wouldn’t settle down until she met the right person

Harry’s choice reminds me of Cameron Diaz who said she didn’t want to settle – so she waited until she met the right person.

There was no shortage of women dying to marry Harry.

But he turned away from the countless girls who have been bred to marry a prince and picked Meghan – who says everything that she knows about Harry, she has learned from him telling her.

This is the real deal – and they deserve all the happiness  life can offer.

Let’s raise glass to sobriety

I HATE to be a party pooper. But a study’s prediction that liver disease will overtake heart disease as the biggest cause of early death by 2020 is . . . sobering.

Don’t get me wrong. I like a glass of fizz as much as the next person.

Liver disease will over take heart disease by 2020 as the biggest cause of early death

But too much alcohol is at the root of so much that is wrong with our society.

Too much booze brings out the dark side in people. And it’s also an absolute killer.

When I was growing up there really wasn’t such a thing as drinking at home, and alcohol used to be a Saturday thing.

But drinking at home and during the week has become normal, I guess because alcohol has become cheaper and more accessible.

My piece of advice is to have dry January

But too much alcohol really is not good for you. Take it to excess and you get ill.

So although I hope you all enjoy yourselves this festive season, try to be mindful of what you are drinking.

Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks. And don’t tell yourself, “It’s just one glass” when that glass is the size of a goldfish bowl.

The Sun Says

Now is the time for Theresa May to show us the fire in her belly


I’m proud to back The Sun on Sunday’s campaign to honour hero London Bridge PCs

tony parsons

Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan proves Royal Family has a proud future


Meghan Markle will do well as a royal, but would they have had her as Queen?

Jeremy Clarkson

Let me get this right — you can only say extremist stuff if you are Corbyn?

But if I have one piece of advice, it is to consider doing dry January.

I’ll certainly be doing it again. Not drinking for a month reframes and re-sets your relationship with alcohol.

In the face of this new research about liver disease, that really is no bad thing.

Limbs theft is the new low

THIEVES on mopeds hit a new low this week when they stole the prosthetic limbs of Victoria Milligan, who lost a leg in the speedboat accident that killed her husband and daughter in 2013.

The prosthetic legs, taken from her car, are of no use to anyone but Victoria, have no resale value – and would take three months to be remade.

So let’s hope that one of the thieves does the right thing and returns them.

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