New Year, New Language: 3 Reasons you should Learn English

Deciding to learn English can open up many new opportunities for you. Here are 3 ways learning English can help you achieve more.

Would you like to deepen your travel experiences? Open up new career possibilities? Enter old age with a good memory? Learning a new language has many benefits, and since English is spoken all over the world, the benefits increase if you opt to learn English. Here are 3 convincing reasons:

1. It’s good for your brain

Would you like to give your brain a good workout? Learning a language is one of the best and practical ways to increase intelligence and keep your mind sharp. If you learn English you can become a better decision maker, multi-tasker, and more focused! It also keeps your brain from ageing. It’s like a gym membership for your mind.

2. Get more from Travelling

Your travels will be more fun! English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Your communication won’t be limited; you could meet new people, learn about new cultures, and expose yourself to new music, art and literature. Most importantly, you’re less likely to get lost or confused. It’s also a good excuse to spend some time to live, work and learn English in a different country.

3. Increase Career Opportunities

Apart from the social and mental reasons to learn English, there are also the career benefits. Learning English can make you a more desirable employee while also increasing your chances of finding your dream job. If you learn English, you can apply for jobs internationally, which is especially useful if you can’t find a job related to your studies in your country.

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