Best Way to Learn Spanish for Beginners

by learn a language journalist

3. Language Exchanges

The basic idea is to find a Spanish native speaker who is trying to learn English.  You meet in person or have a Skype call where you split your time practicing both Spanish and English.  The easiest way to find a partner is through online exchanges like My Language Exchange and Conversation Exchange.



4. Professional Spanish Teachers

These days it is far more convenient to find a Spanish teacher online, which believe it or not, can be even more interactive than being face-to-face.  You take your lessons via Skype from the comfort of home and on your own schedule.  This is how I personally learned Spanish.



Sure, there are plenty of “high-end” teachers that will try to charge you as much as US$60-80/hour.  On the “low-end”, you can probably find someone for less than US$10/hour, although these are usually unqualified tutors that can barely explain things better than your average native speaker.

Then there’s Verbalicity.  We only hire the best teachers through our rigorous 4-step selection process. Our teachers are all certified and have 10+ years of teaching experience on average (industry leading).

In addition, we do all the work for you and match you up with a teacher that fits your schedule and your goals.

In effect, we’re offering “high-end” lessons for as little as US$15/hour.  Assuming you take two hours per week, it’ll cost the same as your daily Starbucks pumpkin spice latte (those things are bad for you anyway).

You can also try out the first lesson for free.  Unlike most companies that offer free trials, we do NOT ask for your credit card upfront (I personally hate it when they do that).  Click here to learn more.

Of course, there are plenty of people who have learned Spanish without a teacher. Doing a language exchange or going to a meetup is certainly better than not speaking at all.  But it will take much longer to learn, and you may be tempted to give up in the process.

So if you’ve got a busy schedule, and want to learn Spanish fast, then getting a teacher is definitely the best way to go.

Based on the two options from the beginner stage, we can make a few adjustments for the intermediate level:

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