Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

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In today’s increasingly wired world, it is easier than ever to use the Web to learn a foreign language. In fact, as you may remember if you’ve been following this blog, I myself am using Brainscape (online and on iTunes) to learn Spanish.  It is hands-down the best way to study any language (or practically anything else).

To supplement your main learning tool such as Brainscape, websites such as YouTube can provide easy access to tons of user-uploaded videos on a diversity of language issues, such as pronunciation, vocabulary and even culture. Watching foreign-language videos on YouTube allows you to capture visual cues and lip movements, while giving you the opportunity to interact with other learners with similar interests.

For those specifically interested in learning Spanish, we have chosen our top 10 favorite YouTube Channels that can help you achieve your linguistic goals. By visiting these great channels once in a while, you can give yourself a great passive supplement to your more active Spanish-studying efforts. That means you no longer have an excuse for not learning Spanish! So here they are (in no specific order):

Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

1. – It is safe to assume that is probably hard to find a personal native Spanish speaking tutor to provide daily Spanish lessons, but this is exactly what the Spanish Blog is. Laura Garrido Eslava uploads lessons on both YouTube and her personal blog that can help you master both vocabulary and pronunciation. Don’t forget to download some lessons to your mp3 if you’re a person on the go!

2. – Whether you want to lament the difficulties of learning Spanish verbs along with a few of their user testimonials or review basic some basic phrases, Learning (Spanish) Like Crazy’s Channel can be both educational and entertaining for any beginner. Learning Like Crazy also provides lessons for other languages as well, such as Italian.

3. – If you are looking for a more formal lesson, be sure to check out Professor Jason’s Channel. Professor Jason specializes in teaching both Spanish and Portuguese and provides comprehensive step-by-step video lessons on both his channel and his website. His video are on the lengthy end, but his organization of information is definitely worth the watch.

4. – SpanishDict’s videos are definitely a joy to watch, mainly because they are very organized and of very high quality. Use these if you are looking for a more interactive experience, they are sure to get you excited about the language. The only downside might be that the speaker’s lack native pronunciation, but don’t let this stop you from learning!

5. – If you want a full and professional approach to learning Spanish, try watching and learning from learnspanish1’s channel very straightforward videos. You might also find his practical method very useful if you are planning to communicate in everyday Spanish situations. Be sure to see these videos to learn how to manipulate familiar phrases in different contexts.

6. – This channel has a quaint series on learning basic Spanish for everyday usage along with an extensive collection of “how-to” videos. The tutor has great pronunciation and presents her videos in very friendly manner. These videos could be especially useful if you’re planning to teach a kid how to speak Spanish!

7. – In the same vein as eHow, expertvillage’s Channel provides a string of Spanish-speaking videos along its wide range of learning programs. This channel’s focus is practical as well, specializing in topics such as communication difficulties with Spanish-speaking people and telephone conversations. Great for the viewer looking for a last-minute crash course!

8. – This channel provides professional lessons to the general viewer, putting great emphasis on the importance of pronunciation. The guidance is extremely helpful and you might find useful exploring their podcasts if you like their lessons.

9. ’s Channel– For quick and interactive Spanish lessons, try the “Learn Spanish with Rocio” videos. All things taken into account, these videos are directed for intermediate learners of Spanish since they assume some previous exposure the language. They are a great way of practicing the language without English cues!

10. – For the grammar freak in you, try trabeojoj’s channel videos on Spanish grammar. This is aimed for more advanced speakers of Spanish, but it will definitely help you fine tune your speech by reviewing the ins and outs of the language. Their large selection of videos range from every thinkable topic of Spanish grammar.

For best results, combine Brainscape’s Spanish app with these YouTube channels, classes, and language immersion. Any great channels that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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