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Interactive English Learning Activities with Videos

Keep learning fun and interactive with the videos on the iSLCollective website. Students can find different videos with English learning activities that have been created by other teachers.  The website has 1000’s of videos for language learners of every level to improve your listening, vocabulary, grammar and speaking skills. Visit the iSL Collective website, select your level and start learning.

For Teachers:  This is a seriously amazing tool if you haven’t checked it out! Use the iSLCollective video quiz maker (a free web-based tool) that allows teachers to create your own interactive video quizzes around YouTube and Vimeo videos. The interactivity and gamification adds playfulness with various play modes (e.g. the classic Casino game where you bet on the right answer) and features like the tapping game where students tap on objects seen in the paused video screen. Create your own account and learn how to create your own video quizzes less than 5 minutes! Register your free account and get started!

At All Ears English, we believe in Connection NOT Perfection. Showing you how to break out of the “perfection” mentality and finally have fun learning English. Check out an episode and find out why 20,000+ daily listeners love the All Ears English Podcast here.

Preparing for an IELTS exam? All Ears English also has the IELTS Energy podcast and a special section of their website dedicated to showing you the smartest and easiest way to achieve a 7+ or higher score on the IELTS Exam. Jessica Beck is the top expert in the IELTS world with more than 12 years of experience as an IELTS professional. Join our and learn how to avoid all common IELTS failures.

Camino English offers a variety free videos, blogs, and podcasts for anyone interested in studying online for all levels. They also offer classes via Skype or telephone and have a membership program to get access to more lessons. If you are traveling in Madrid, Spain you may want to join one of their in-person intensive experiences. Try a free lesson that is perfect for your level on this page of the Camino English website.

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