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The breakdown of how to learn Chinese. Every class breaks down into eight parts, from warm up, vocabulary, grammar, exercise, conversation, discussion, to homework. With reviewing the last lesson, you are not going to let go what you’ve learned and wasted your effort. Before every class, we’ll make sure you’ve fully digested and remembered what you’ve already learned. Therefore, the warm up part is to get you ready to move on to next lessons. What’s more, we have a review lesson after every five regular lessons. Before you move on to the next level, you’ll have an “overview” lesson as well.

The new vocabulary in every lesson was about the theme, which is designed in a practical, commonly used and interest-provoked way. Grammar is another must to speak Chinese. You cannot skip grammar if you want to know how to learn Chinese. With 1-3 grammar points in each lesson, Chinese learners can apply to real conversations with the tutors by practicing for many times. Through well-organized contents about vocabulary, grammar, and regular review, students can accumulate their Chinese words and grammar step by step. And you’ll definitely know how to learn Chinese further.

Practice makes perfect. How to learn Chinese with lots of practices? Each part would follow exercises to make sure students fully comprehend the content then move to the next part. During the exercises following every learning main point of the course, you will be able to learn not only correct usage of Chinese but also standard pronunciation with our teachers. Also in the exercise parts, the tutor would enhance students’ listening, speaking and comprehension skills. Then you can apply your speaking skill in conversation part.

Not only Chinese conversation but also in discussion part can make students more flexibly applying Mandarin. Using what students just learned from the tutors, they can discuss the questions in Chinese with correct grammar, words, as well as standard pronunciation. How to learn Chinese by daily conversation? Every lesson theme would be closely related to our daily lives so that we can learn practical Chinese.

For the next lesson preparation, a homework would complete the lesson. A homework is to make sure the students’ full and the efficient learning. By reviewing the lesson and asking the tutor questions, our students would progress much faster.

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