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A Message from LCB’s Core Team

Dear Learn Chinese Business Community,

Please join us in congratulating our lead editor Aaron Posehn who, as some of you already know, is now moving to Taiwan to begin a new job as an academic editor with a company in Taipei.

Aaron is the latest in a succession of LCB Core Team members and alumni to have reached a significant milestone in professional advancement. Previously we congratulated Sean Upton-McLaughlin on his move to Shenzhen to work at a major Chinese company in the ICT sector, and our former lead editor Thomas Nunlist, who received a government scholarship to pursue his Masters’ degree at East China Normal University in Shanghai.

Recently we reached an executive decision that Learn Chinese Business would continue as a free community blog, rather than becoming a commercial venture. Yet these opportunities for personal and professional advancement represent very real dividends that this project continues to offer in reward. China is undergoing the greatest economic revolution in human history, and employers and other key decision-makers worldwide recognize the demonstrated value of relevant expertise.

LCB can work for you, too– the more you put in, the more you will get out of it!

Currently we have a number of openings for Core Team positions. If you have experience in editing, social media, education, business consulting, community management, web and graphic design, or another related area, we would be interested in talking with you. This represents a volunteer commitment of approximately 2-4 hours per week. You can directly email usachinabusiness at with your credentials and desired role on the team.

Feel free to share this message with your social networks and professional contacts who may be interested. Moreover, we are always eager to receive contributions in the form of articles, interviews, or short blog posts, and we welcome comments and feedback on our existing work.

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