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The University of Kansas suspended a professor of electrical engineering and computer science from teaching a class when he told an international student who was using Google translate that he should “learn English.”

Now, that just seems to be common sense, right?  If you are attending a school where English is the language being used to teach, then the student should know English, right?  Only if you are a sane person does this make sense.

The removal of Professor Gary Minden was reported by The College Fix.

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Minden told The Lawrence Journal-World that the student he addressed was not offended by the comment but that other students took offense to it. This led to an “hourlong discussion.” The school has assigned a new professor to teach the course while the matter is being reviewed, a spokeswoman told The Journal-World.

Though it suspended Minden because of the controversy surrounding his telling a student to “learn English,” in the past the school itself has encouraged international students to improve their English skills.

The school’s Academic Accelerator Program offers “academic and English support, help transitioning to the U.S., and career assistance,” according to its website.

One 2017 post on the program’s website suggests to students several “apps” to improve their English language skills.

“Did you know that there are some great mobile apps to help you with your English? With these apps below, you can become more comfortable using English and discover new words. Soon, you’ll be talking more in class, making new friends and even having fun learning!” the post states.

“You can’t get more comfortable speaking English unless you, well, speak English,” the post states at one point.

Can you say hypocrites?  Why, yes you can because you can speak and read English, just like the good professor and the college have exhorted their student to learn English so they might communicate.

What’s interesting is that Mr. Minden said, “Other students, from my perspective, took offense to that.  Not the student I addressed, but other students.”

This resulted in an “hourlong discussion” about the incident with little snowflake students still having their feeling hurt and being upset.

“As the discussion evolved, I started asking simple questions, ‘What would you do? How would you do it?’ Things like that,” he said. “Unfortunately I didn’t manage the class and many students were upset.”

“A number of students have raised concerns about events that occurred in their engineering class. In response to these concerns, the university has assigned a different instructor to teach the course while the matter is reviewed,” university spokeswoman Erinn Barcomb-Peterson said in email when asked about the incident by the Journal-World.

Rob Shimshock poignantly spoke to the issue by stating, “There needs to be some social stigma pushing you to learn English. Whether the international student was embarrassed by Gary’s comment or simply took it logically and said “yeah, I better learn English if I want a good job in America,” it’s important to have that cultural pressure.”

This generation of people are finding it more and more difficult to deal with any sort of pressure or opposition.  In fact, some of the liberal students today are so unhinged at things like this that they are scaring their liberal professors!

It’s time that American schools demanded that students who attend them learn English.  In fact, it’s time that every business do the same.  We are not a foreign country though we may be a melting pot.  English is our primary language and that doesn’t mean other languages aren’t important or that there is no room to learn other languages and even use them, but when you enter an American school or business, you should learn to speak English.

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