8 Tools to Learn Chinese More Easily – Viva Language Services

There are more than 1.2 billion Chinese language speakers worldwide. Chinese businesses are expanding, they are going global and you very often deal with Chinese speaking people, be it a construction site or a corporate office of an MNC. Because of this, you may have your reasons for wanting to know this language, be it […]

Foreign Student Hospitalized In China Gets Note From Nurse Who Doesn’t Speak English, And The Comments Crack Us Up – Stay Wild Moon Child

‘Lost in translation’ language mix-ups and misunderstandings can make for hilarious travel anecdotes – but not when they happen at a hospital.An international student was hospitalized in China and fell under the care of a nurse that didn’t speak English.Understanding the importance o This content was originally published here.

20 students from South Korea study English at UTC, have fun in Chattanooga – UTC News Releases

Haechan Lee, left, and Jehyeong Ahn are in a group of South Korean students studying English at UTC for two weeks and also seeing the sights of Chattanooga. Haechan Lee has only been in the United States for three days, but he’s already noticed a big difference between here and his home in South Korea. […]

Francisco Galicia to CNN (through a translator): ‘I don’t speak English but I’m going to learn it’ – twitchy.com

Well, this is weird. . . Franciso Galicia, the alleged American citizen who was detained for 23 days because his mother listed his country of birth as Mexico on a tourist visa and used a fake ID on his U.S. birth certificate, can’t speak English. Here he is telling CNN that, “I don’t speak English […]

Japanese First Lady Pretended To Not Speak English So She Wouldn’t Have To Talk To Trump

Donald Trump is not a popular or well-liked man among world leaders. Even dictators such as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who Trump tends to brag about his chummy, friendly relationships with, don’t really care for him much at all. They just recognize how […]

FREE Speak English Podcasts | Learn English 174 Article 13 Phrasal Verb Take Examples

​13 Phrasal Verb Take Examples A photograph of of an analog audio interface with the British union jack flag and banner text that says “Phrasal Verbs To Take”, used as the cover image for Article “13 Phrasal Verb Take Examples Cover Image” ​Today the English podcast is about the phrasal verbs with the word “take” […]