Dems Trying To Speak Spanish During Debates Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

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A spoof on the Democratic Debate was bound to happen. It was such an utter fail that it really was just a matter of time before the good people of the internet made fun of the Dems embarrassment. Most candidates had absolutely no talking points outside of ‘abolishing ICE a’ and ‘opening borders’.

Town Hall reported that when the closing bell rang on the first Democratic presidential debate, many were justifiably certain that we had seen the pinnacle of progressive hysteria. But where Wednesday seemed like a cast of not ready for primetime players, screaming for socialism, open borders, and identity politics, Thursday night’s cast were the angry, grizzled, and pugnacious players in the race to the left. Not only more hysterical than their preceding contenders but mean spirited and ready to do anything to win. Well, at least the ones that seemed to know why they were there. (Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, you know this is for the presidency, right?)

Candidates screamed for socialism over a strong economy. They assailed the evil 1 percent. They assured the American people, 71 percent of whom feel we have a pretty good thing going, that they were wrong. Like a bad therapist telling a patient, “You’re only happy because you think you’re happy.” Fortune cookies dispense greater wisdom.

Where Wednesday’s participants praised open borders, Thursday’s doubled down. They demanded that their socialist policies of free everything are not only for Americans who are dumb enough to fall for it but must be extended to illegal aliens. And that illegal aliens no longer be illegal.

The video mashup made watching their scramble for approval more bearable. Dems aren’t even trying to hide the fact that their only goals are to say something, anything, that will make them remotely more appealing to voters. The whole spectacle was pathetic and an embarrassment.

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