Blind Filipino Woman Who Can’t Speak English Has Perfect Rendition Of Beyonce Song

by learn a language journalist

A blind Filipino woman who does not speak any English has become a viral sensation after she filmed herself perfectly singing one of Beyonce’s hit songs.

Elsie Atig Balawing is a young woman in her mid-20s who lives in a small fishing village. Though she does not speak a word of English, she managed to learn all of the words to Beyonce’s hit song “Listen.”

Elsie has become a star in the Philippines because of her video, and she has become so famous that she has put her tiny village on the map! Though she has never attended school and cannot see, she has never let this hold her back from achieving her dreams.

She taught herself to mimic the singing styles of legendary singers like Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and Whitney Houston.

“Elsie is totally blind. She has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard,” said Jeruel Pino, a bassist in a rock band. “Even with her physical condition, that didn’t stop her reaching her dreams.”

“She was discovered by my cousin, Ang,” he continued. “As soon as I heard his recording of her, I knew I needed to find her and help her, because her singing is so good. I travelled to her village to see her and record some songs to tell he world about her talent.”

“She really wants to become a recording artist someday and to be a role model to other people with disabilities in achieving their dreams in life,” Jeruel concluded. “Many recording companies have contacted us and want to work with Elsie, but for now she’s in the process of deciding what to do and make sure that everything will be good for the future.”

Check out her performance for yourself below!

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