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A BRITISH expat has been commended for saying that Brits moving to Spain ‘do need to speak Spanish’.

Brit Matt Wilkie lives in Alicante, and runs a popular expat YouTube channel where he offers advice and tips.

In one of his most recent videos on his ‘Alicante Spain’ page he said: “Yes you do need to speak Spanish, even if you’re retired here.

“A lot of the jobs you aren’t even going to get a look at unless you speak Spanish to at least some level.”

He goes on to explain that inland communities with older populations prefer not to speak English, as well as cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

Those commenting on Matt’s video were mainly in agreement that Brits in Spain should learn the language.

One YouTube user said: “Good one Matt, very true – when I go out exploring, I meet many Spanish people who can’t speak English.”

Another added: “I do agree that most of the time simple conversation Spanish is enough to get by.

“However if you plan on staying in Spain long term, your quality of life will solely depend on whether or not you can speak Spanish to a fluent level.”

Around 62% of Brits can only speak English, but it is unclear how many British expats in Spain can only converse in their native tongue.

Meanwhile, the number of Spanish speakers worldwide is 577 million, according to El Pais.

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