Fun ways to learn English as a second language with your family

by learn a language journalist

Learning a new language can be a daunting task. Why not make it less stressful by doing it with others? Not only can it give you the extra motivation that you might need to pursue your language goals, but it could also become an enjoyable experience for all participants.

Language learning can increase family bonding time, connect you with others from around the world and also demonstrate the importance of continued learning throughout life. Picking up a new language is no longer solely tied to a written task. In the twenty-first century, the possibilities are endless! Have a look below for some ideas on how to improve your language skills.

Label your house!

Although it is a very simple way of developing vocabulary, it is also a very effective one. Label the everyday items in your home and watch how quickly people can begin to recognise these items. Soon you will have the first 100 words under your belt to set you in the direction of your language learning goals.

Listen to Music

Discover an artist who sings in the language you are learning and check out their playlists on your favourite music streaming application! After you have heard the song a few times, have a read if the lyrics and look up any words you don’t the meaning of. Keep listening until the words start to sink in!

Change the language settings on your phone!

Think you know how to use your phone? Try changing the language to the one you are leaning! (Just make sure you remember how to put it back if you need to!) 

Turn a family holiday into a language holiday!

Language holidays allow time for family bonding whilst developing skills. Here at Maltalingua, we offer family packages for parents and children alike. Our lessons are based on active communication through engaging tasks which allow learners the opportunity to practise their language skills in a structured environment. The family can study in the morning and spend the afternoon exploring all the Malta has to offer. To join our family programme this summer of 2019 and learn English under the sun, make sure to visit

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