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How to learn English for free!

While I was in Vietnam, I met so many friendly Vietnamese! Most people wanted to talk to me, even though they weren’t fluent in English. Whenever somebody told me they wanted to learn English, I’d tell them about the many websites, Youtube channels, and applications that could help them learn English for free!

Now, I’ll share what I found with you! Let’s get your free education started!


Youtube Channels:

Phone And Tablet Apps

How to make money translating English!

Now, it’s time to make some money! There are probably hundreds of websites that can help you make money translating. Here are some of the most popular:


What time is it? It’s time to make some money!

Translate anything, large or small, at your pace (there are small fees to withdraw your money). Here are some examples:

Stepes (pronounced “steps”)


  • This source says you can make between $8-$18/hour to translate.


  • According to some online sources, you’ll get paid $0.01/word (example: 1,000 words would be $10).


  • A young man in Kon Tum makes 11.5 million đong/month translating for Netflix. He works about 80 hours/month.
Learning English can help take you anywhere!

English is the language of travel, the language of commerce, and the language that can make you money. This post is perfect for people who can’t afford expensive English lessons. It’s also perfect for people who want to turn their knowledge of English into some extra cash!

Now, you can learn English for free and make money translating English! Have fun!

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