Trump’s comment about a Border Patrol agent’s ability to speak English likely reassured some of his base

President Trump welcomes Customs and Border Patrol agent Adrian Anzaldua, right, onstage during a White House event to salute federal immigration personnel Monday. (Andrew Harnik/AP) “Just over a week ago, a human smuggler was arrested in Laredo for locking — and really locking — a horrible 78 illegal aliens inside of a trailer,” President Trump […]

6 Rockin’ Sites to Learn English with Music Videos | FluentU English

Who is your favorite pop artist? Beyonce? Ed Sheeran? Bruno Mars? Guess what—now they are your favorite English teacher, too. You can learn English directly from these superstars (and many others) with music video English lessons. How so? There are several addictive websites that transform English music videos into language learning tools. That means you […]

Palatine official wants assurances children will learn English at proposed day care

A Ukranian couple received a thumbs-up Tuesday from Palatine’s advisory plan commission for a proposed day-care center in a renovated office building, but not before an official wanted assurances that children would learn English at the facility. Oksana and Igor Klishch want to convert the 5,650-square-foot building at 345 N. Quentin Road into Dreamers Child […]

How to Speak English with Kids: 6 Practical Ideas for Family Language Learning | FluentU English

If you speak English, you’re able to communicate with 20% of the people on Earth. That’s 1.5 billion people! Now that’s a lot of potential new friends, connections and employers. Why not give the kids in your life such amazing communication opportunities? Teaching English to kids is a gift they’ll take with them into adulthood. […]

English for parents – Phrase books! – Learn English with Abigail

So they’re finally done. I’ve written a book! In fact I’ve written two books, with the help of my awesome husband. So if you’re a Japanese parent and you’re going to live in an English speaking country, you need this phrase book to help you talk to doctors, teachers, shop assistants, other parents and other… […]

Spam, or Super Important? Tips for Deciphering SMS Messages When You Don’t Read Chinese

Figuring out how to get a mobile phone contract isn’t easy when you don’t speak or read Chinese yet, but even once you’ve overcome this hurdle, the battle isn’t over quite yet. In the age of WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp, text messages can feel pretty antiquated, so you might be surprised by the number of messages […]

Do Children Learn English More Easily Than Adults? | TESOL Blog

If you Google the title of this blog, you will find a plethora of articles that extol the ability of children to learn a second language. You’ll  read time and time again that children’s brains are like sponges, and they will soak up a new language easily. I want to emphasize that I am not […]